Big Brother’s Nicole Franzel shares cute new photos of Baby Arrow

Nicole Franzel YouTube
Nicole Franzel is enjoying life with Baby Arrow and her husband, Victor Arroyo. Pic credit: Nicole Franzel/YouTube

Big Brother 18 winner Nicole Franzel shared some really cute photos of Baby Arrow to celebrate the season.

Following her appearance on Big Brother 22, Nicole married fellow show alum, Victor Arroyo.

And soon after the wedding, Nicole gave birth to their first child, Victor Arroyo IV.

The couple decided that the nickname of their baby would be Arrow, and they ended up sticking with that.

Nicole and Victor recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary, and Arrow recently turned one year old.

And now, Nicole has shared some adorable photos to welcome in the fall and also to start celebrating Christmas a little early.

Nicole Franzel poses with Arrow and their dog

Nicole wrote in her caption, “Arrow is loving fall! It’s so fun watching him grow and getting to see him experience the seasons change! ? We’ve had so much fun doing all the fall activities this season! Hard to believe we’ll be playing in the snow here before we know it,” along with sharing a set of photos out in the fall leaves.

We also got to see Arrow standing up with some help while wearing cute overalls and some blue boots.

Nicole, Victor, and Arrow take their Christmas photos

Nicole and her family were ready for the holidays in recent images.

“We got our Christmas card photos taken this weekend! ❤️ it was a wild weekend but we did it! ?. (This was taken after the shoot on an iPhone ?). We put Paris and Beyoncé in them with us too!” Nicole wrote on a new set of photos showing the family in their Christmas outfits in front of their house.

The family did their photos in Michigan, taking full advantage of a break in the weather before the inevitable snow starts to really hit the Midwest this winter. That was probably a really smart decision.

We can’t wait to see what the final photos look like, and we hope that Nicole and Victor will share them.

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Big Brother 25 airs in Summer 2023 on CBS.

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