Big Brother’s Jeff and Jordan say they want ‘vengeance’ in 2024

Jeff Schroeder from Big Brother
Jeff Schroeder played Big Brother twice. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

“In 2024, we want vengeance,” Jeff Schroeder joked in a new podcast episode.

Big Brother alums Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder host a podcast discussing their lives.

Frequently, the former houseguests touch on Big Brother, including their opinions on newer seasons.

Jeff and Jordan met on Big Brother 11 in the summer of 2009. They struck up a showmance that led to every Big Brother fan knowing who Jeff and Jordan were.

Jordan won BB11, and the couple was invited back for BB13. On each season, Jeff was named America’s Favorite Houseguest.

Later, Jeff and Jordan appeared on The Amazing Race, married, and had two kids.

A new podcast episode for Jeff and Jordan

There is a new episode of Togethermess this week (Episode 26) — the first episode of 2024.

The duo recorded this episode before the holiday break but banked it to release it in the new year.

Jordan and Jeff began by sharing how 2023 was rough, including family sicknesses and deaths. Jordan also spoke about hormones and personal changes. But they were both grateful for having started the podcast.

Jeff said they should be thankful for what they had in 2023 and needed to find the positives. He also touched on manifesting energy, leading to Jordan revealing a story about manifesting her Big Brother win far before she was even on the show.

Much of the new episode also focused on the couple setting goals for the new year. It led to some funny moments featured in their teaser video below.

Among the goals they have for 2024 are more date nights, taking more family trips to create memories, and working on more online content.

As the podcast episode progressed, the couple referenced people who had been mean to them, including Big Brother fans who had commented on Jordan’s weight (one person did it to her face).

They joked about manifesting annoying things in the universe to bother those people like them stubbing their toes or dealing with mosquitoes.

“I have a list. There’s some people that… if I went a different way in life, things would be different,” Jeff stated before adding, “I’m not even kidding.”

“I got some bad intentions. Like, there’s some bad things rolling around in my head sometimes. Anyways. That’s why I have to write down my goals and control my anger,” Jeff elaborated.

“Wow. This turned into the most negative podcast. I meant for it to kick off the new year in the right way. And we’re all about vengeance. In 2024, we want vengeance,” Jeff joked.

More news from Big Brother

Jeff and Jordan recently revealed they don’t sleep in the same bed. They also spoke about their sex lives and how their relationship is “not traditional.”

Jordan also co-hosted the recent Big Brother: Reindeer Games season. The spin-off is available for streaming on Paramount+.

Nicole Franzel now calls herself a two-time winner after winning Reindeer Games and BB18. It has led to an intriguing fan debate.

Big Brother 19 alum Jessica Graf gave birth. This is her fourth child with her husband, Cody Nickson. They met on BB19, won The Amazing Race, married, and now have four kids together.

Jeff and Jordan’s Big Brother and The Amazing Race seasons are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Big Brother returns in 2024 on CBS.

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