Big Brother winner Jun Song reveals her son has been very sick

Jun Song from Big Brother 4
Big Brother 4 winner Jun Song was a legend. Pic credit: Tony Esparza/CBS

Jun Song is usually very active on social media.

The Big Brother alum had been sharing her thoughts about each pivotal moment on BB25.

She was even cheering on Cirie Fields, noting her excitement to rant with Cirie during a Big Brother: All-Winners season.

But she went quiet on social media as the season wrapped up.

Now Jun has revealed what was going on, and it turns out her son was very sick.

Jun has turned to social media to court some help from her followers as the hospital bills have piled up.

Jun Song reveals her son got sick

“Many of you have been wondering why I haven’t posted anything in a while,” June wrote in a new Twitter post.

“It’s still all surreal to me what’s happened these last few weeks. But the reality is definitely setting in,” she added with a picture of her son in the hospital.

Jun also shared a link to a GoFundMe page where she provided more details about what happened.

“For those of you who don’t, Noah fell incredibly ill in late October. We all thought it was just the flu. But it turned out to be mycoplasma pneumonia that evolved into bacterial meningitis when the mycoplasma traveled to his brain,” Jun wrote about her son.

She later stated that it took 11 days for Noah to get to a state where he could function “somewhat normally.” During that time, he was in the children’s intensive care unit (ICU).

Jun set up the GoFundMe page to help cover “11 days of a 20% co-pay of what’s not been covered by insurance for each day and paying for this nightmare that’s passed.”

She also mentioned an extensive recovery period in front of them.

Many people have already responded with donations, and her GoFundMe page is linked in the post shared below.

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