Big Brother winner calls Derek Xiao a ‘bad Big Brother player,’ undeserving of America’s Favorite Houseguest

Derek Xiao BB23 10th
Derek Xiao is a member of the Big Brother 23 jury during Summer 2021 season. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother winner Andy Herren feels that Derek Xiao doesn’t deserve to win America’s Favorite Houseguest this summer.

Derek X is a member of the BB23 cast and he finished in 10th place this season. We have already seen some jury segments that feature Derek X and we will get to see him on the season finale as well.

There were some specific points of the season where Derek X had a shot to really shake up the game, but when he declined to play for one of the secret powers in the High Roller’s Room, he ended up getting backdoored by Sarah Beth Steagall.

As the BB23 season starts winding down, it is almost time for Big Brother fans to vote on America’s Favorite Houseguest. This is an award that comes with a $25,000 prize and it goes to the person that fans have enjoyed watching play the game the most.

Andy Herren calls Derek Xiao a ‘bad Big Brother player’

“Derek X is a lovely person but he was such a bad Big Brother player and I am offended that he’s probably going to win AFH over Tiffany, a houseguest who truly gave us everything. SHE EVEN TALKED TO THE CAMERAS,” Big Brother 15 winner Andy Herren wrote on Twitter.

“Honestly, get bent if you vote for Derek X over Tiffany. #BB23,” Andy concluded his tweet to Big Brother fans.

Andy Herren AFH BB23
BB15 winner Andy Herren is not a fan of Derek Xiao’s Big Brother game. Pic credit: @AndyHerren/Twitter

Tiffany Mitchell or Derek Xiao for Big Brother AFH?

It definitely seems like the award for America’s Favorite Houseguest will come down to either Tiffany Mitchell or Derek Xiao this summer. Tiffany and Derek X were both difference-makers from the BB23 cast and it could really be decided by the personal preferences of the Big Brother viewers at home.

On one side of the equation, there is Derek X, who was certainly very good at challenges. He won the Power of Veto twice and a Head of Household Competition, but he skipped out on playing an important High Roller’s challenge that could have kept him in the game.

Tiffany was also very good at challenges, even though she did have one thrown to her by Derek X. But the biggest note on Tiffany’s resume is how she helped put together The Cookout alliance that has dominated the entire BB23 season.

Even though Tiffany is also now a member of the BB23 jury, she is one of the primary reasons that Kyland Young, Derek Frazier, Azah Awasum, and Xavier Prather all made it to the final four. It will be very interesting to hear from her on the finale night and how she makes her decision when voting for the Big Brother 23 winner.

There aren’t a lot of episodes left on the Big Brother TV schedule this summer, so we are very close to learning who has won the $750,000 prize. On finale night we will also find out who Big Brother fans have selected as the AFH winner.

Big Brother 23 airs on CBS during Summer 2021

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