Big Brother: Tiffany Mitchell asked former houseguest Nicole Anthony for advice before auditioning

Tiffany On BB23 Finale
Tiffany Mitchell was a houseguest during the Big Brother 2021 season. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23 houseguest Tiffany Mitchell ended up finishing in sixth place this season, but she did win America’s Favorite Houseguest thanks to the Big Brother fans voting at home.

It turns out that before Tiffany auditioned to be a member of the BB23 cast that she asked a former houseguest for some advice on the process.

Nicole Anthony was hot off a third-place finish on Big Brother 21 and winning America’s Favorite Houseguest. So when Tiffany messaged her about trying to be on the show, she might have chosen the right person.

Tiffany and Nicole both referenced their conversation from 2019 in a series of new tweets that have shown up on social media.

Tiffany from BB23 asked the advice of Nicole from BB21

“Nicole! What advice can you give me when auditioning for Big Brother?! I’m going this year!” Tiffany said in a message two years ago to Nicole.

“Be you! Don’t change yourself or alter your answers in you head… just speak freely and truly from YOUR heart,” Nicole responded.

“I truly adore you! Thank you for replying! You really are the best,” Tiffany said in response to the advice from Nicole.

Along with a photo that shared the conversation from 2019, Tiffany posted a new message on social media where she urged people to follow their dreams.

“This is why I say, GO AFTER YOUR DREAMS! And when I asked @Strongislandni2 I was expecting a secret recipe to casting and what she told me IS the truth. #beyourself,” Tiffany wrote.

Nicole Anthony posts a new message about being yourself

“And this is why you BE YOURSELF!! YOU are amazing. YOU are magnificent. YOU are YOU… and the only one at that! So go out there and slay! You freakin’ got this! And this pertains to BB AND life! Whatever you want… whatever you KNOW you belong doing?! DO IT! As YOU!!” Nicole wrote when she saw her original conversation with Tiffany was getting shared on social media.

Nicole To Tiff BB
Nicole Anthony shared advice on social media. Pic credit: @Strongislandni2/Twitter

Tiffany wants to play Big Brother again

There are quite a few members of the BB23 cast who want to play the game again. Tiffany Mitchell is one of them, but she might need a little break in between seasons. There are also a lot of Big Brother fans who want to see what she can do when she isn’t serving as a shield for The Cookout.

Producers are already accepting applications to be on the Big Brother 24 cast, so this is a chance for people to take a shot at playing in a future season.

Before we see the BB24 cast getting introduced by host Julie Chen Moonves, we will get to enjoy a new season of Celebrity Big Brother. CBS has brought back the Big Brother spin-off for a new season that is expected to begin in February 2022.

Celebrity Big Brother debuts on CBS in Winter 2022.

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