Big Brother teases BB26 theme, alums respond with interest

Julie Chen Moonves
Julie Chen Moonves is ready for the Summer 2024 season of Big Brother. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

The Big Brother 26 theme is still a secret, but a new hint was revealed on social media.

A mysterious new post was made on Facebook and Instagram to mark only 30 days until the BB26 season premiere.

The BB26 cast begins playing the game during the two-night season premiere on July 17. It will continue into the following evening (July 18).

The producers announced that this summer’s game will be played by an entirely new group of houseguests, so no returners will be participating.

We could still see some Big Brother alums hosting challenges, which has become a fun way to involve former players.

A new video also teases audio clips from big moments on the show. It seems to hint that the past could impact the future.

The Big Brother 26 theme may have been teased again

A new social media share from Big Brother has Julie Chen Moonves standing near the new Big Brother logo.

Julie also appears to be standing on a circuit board, which could indicate artificial intelligence will play a role in the game this summer.

“Not everything is as it seems this summer. #BB26 is unlike any season we’ve had yet and we’re just one month away. #BigBrother,” reads the caption from the post.

There are also three images on the post. One has Julie posing with the logo, one shows the logo with a wall behind it, and the third has Julie standing in front of a seemingly computer-generated image.

Check out the images below and see what you think. Then share your comments on the new logo in the comment section below.

Big Brother alums respond excitedly to the new social media share

Many Big Brother alums left comments on the new social media post.

“All Ai 🤖 contestants that have been equipped with winners strategies information. One that can lift and throw a bus 🚌 💪 #ImPuttingMyMoneyOnHim #BigBrotherBattleBots,” wrote Jessie Godderz from BB10 and BB11.

“JCM looking as stunning as ever,” posted Hannah Chaddha from Big Brother 23.

Several additional former houseguests used only emojis to convey their thoughts, including Big Brother 23 winner Xavier Prather, GinaMarie Zimmerman from BB15, and Joseph Abdin from BB24.

“Counting down the days 🤩,” wrote Big Brother 19 winner Josh Martinez.

Big Brother alums BB26
Former houseguests have shared excited comments about BB26. Pic credit: @BigBrotherCBS/Instagram

More news from the world of Big Brother

Soon, the BB26 cast will take over primetime on CBS and the live feeds for Paramount+. Many former houseguests have also been celebrating big moments in their lives.

Felicia Cannon recently left the hospital and has been enjoying her time poolside. She was recently seen on BB25.

Two Big Brother alums are now playing on The Traitors 3. A new season of the Peacock reality competition series has been cast.

There is also a Big Brother 26 watch party scheduled soon. Many former players will attend the event and watch the first two BB26 episodes live.

Previous seasons of Big Brother are streaming on Paramount+.

Big Brother 26 debuts July 17 on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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