Big Brother star Beau Beasley loses father, honors him on social media

Beau Beasley
Beau Beasley played Big Brother 2005 and has lost his father. Pic credit: @BeauBeasley/Instagram

Beau Beasley from Big Brother 6 shared that he lost his father recently.

Taking to social media, the former BB6 cast member posted a touching tribute this week.

Beau lost his father — a U.S. Army colonel — when he died following a battle with COVID-19.

“I’m still in shock. RIP Dad,” Beau wrote in the caption to an Instagram post he shared with pictures of his dad.

“You will forever be ‘the Colonel’ in my eyes. You were stubborn- and hard on me, but you always taught me to never take NO for an answer,” Beau continued in his message.

He also added the hashtags “F***Covid,” “wear a mask,” “be safe,” “father,” and the message “Love you forever” to close out his post.

Beau Beasley posts about his dad on Facebook as well

Taking to his Facebook page, Beau left his father another message and used the same photo that he placed on Instagram.

He wrote, “I’m still in a state of shock. Thank you Dad for being strict. You will always be ‘The Colonel’ of my world. ? Thank you for teaching me to never take NO for an answer. Life will be hard without you but your lessons will forever be hammered into my heart. Love you forever. ??????? #f***covid #myfather #RIP.”

Beau played BB6 with Janelle Pierzina

Fans of Big Brother first saw Beau as a member of the BB6 cast. That was where he met Janelle Pierzina and they have been friends ever since. Recently, they chatted in an online video about when he was assaulted at a bar right before Janelle’s wedding.

During their season of Big Brother, Beau was aligned with The Friendship for most of the summer. He worked with people like Ivette Corredero, Maggie Ausburn, and Eric Littmann. He was also at odds with Janelle during the season, but they became friends after filming had wrapped.

Beau ended up finishing in sixth place during his only season of Big Brother. He became a member of the BB6 jury and voted for Ivette to win.

The Big Brother 6 winner was Maggie, but there were also a lot of other memorable names that emerged from the Big Brother 2005 season.

Howie Gordon, James Rhine, Kaysar Ridha, and April Lewis were also a part of the BB6 cast. Janelle, James, Howie, and Kaysar were all invited back to be on Big Brother: All-Stars the following summer.

For fans excited about a new season of the show, Big Brother 23 is currently accepting online applications.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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