Big Brother news: Kaysar Ridha and Swaggy C meet up, share video

Kaysar Ridha From BB22
Kaysar Ridha may no longer be competing on Big Brother All-Stars 2, but he is still having fun. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother news from outside of the house has Kaysar Ridha and Swaggy C (Chris Williams) meeting up in a video that was just shared on social media.

Kaysar was recently evicted from the Big Brother house after getting invited back to play the game for a third time. Kaysar is one of only two people to play on both BB All-Stars seasons (the other one is Janelle Pierzina).

As for Swaggy C, he was a member of the BB20 cast with Bayleigh Dayton. That’s the same season where Kaycee Clark won the $500,000 prize, and Tyler Crispen came in second place.

Swaggy C is also married to Bayleigh Dayton, who is currently still residing in the Big Brother house. When she does get home, Swaggy C has a nice new present waiting for her.

Kaysar and Swaggy C meet up

On his Twitter page, Swaggy C just posted a quick video where he introduces the world to Swaggy K.

It will be interesting to see if this is the new nickname that ends up sticking with Kaysar.

The video has already been shared and retweeted by a number of former houseguests, including Janelle and James Rhine. Fans are loving it as well.

Ryan Pappolla wrote, “@KaysarRidha shouting ‘Swaggy K’ with such utter glee is not debatably the moment of the season.”

He might be right about that.

Below are the posts that Kaysar and Janelle put up on their respective Twitter accounts.

Bayleigh might be heading home soon

It looks like Bayleigh Dayton is very close to getting evicted from the Big Brother house. If she does get sent home, it has been revealed that she is retiring from reality TV.

Some really negative attacks have been made against Bayleigh and Swaggy C that he recently shared on social media, which can take away the joy of being on one of these reality competition shows.

Once Bayleigh does get home, though, we can likely look forward to a lot of interaction on social media, especially with everything she might have to say about the Big Brother 2020 season.

And as for Kaysar Ridha, he seems to be enjoying life outside of the house. He recently posted a nice video to the fans of the show, thanking them for all of their support over the years.

Hopefully, we get a longer video where he and Swaggy C share some screentime because it is a much lighter atmosphere than what has been taking place in the BB22 house this week.

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