Big Brother spoilers: Who is safe from being nominated in Week 2?

Derek Xiao On BB23
Derek Xiao may have saved himself during Week 1 when he won the first Big Brother 23 Power of Veto. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers from Thursday night reveal the first people who are safe from getting nominated during Week 2 of the show.

Earlier in the night, Travis Long was evicted on an 11-2 vote, making him the first person to get kicked off the show this season. It also brought an end to Frenchie being the Head of Household.

As the episode was coming to an end, Kyland Young won an intense HOH Competition, meaning he would take over the power in the house.

Not only will Kyland have the opportunity to name two people as targets for eviction, but his team is also going to be safe for the week.

Who is safe from being nominated on Big Brother 23 this week?

Kyland is a member of Team Queens, meaning they are all safe for the week. This is just bad luck for Travis, though, as this was his team. Had he just made it through the Eviction Ceremony, he would have had a much easier time during Week 2.

Claire Rehfuss and Tiffany Mitchell are the two other houseguests who are safe for Week 2 so far. That’s a perfect scenario for Claire, as she had expressed a bit of disinterest on the Big Brother live feeds about taking power this time around.

At some point on Friday, July 16, the other three teams will be competing in another Wildcard Competition. This will lead to at least one more person being safe from nominations for the week. Last week, it had the potential to give four people safety, which could have really shaken things up a lot in the BB23 house. Could that happen again this time?

After the Wildcard Competition has been played and at least one more person gains safety, Kyland will be tasked with hosting the Week 2 Nomination Ceremony. This is where he will reveal his early-week targets.

Kyland has some difficult choices to make as HOH

No matter what Kyland decides to do as the HOH in Week 2, he is going to end up burning some bridges. He has a tough choice when it comes to announcing his nominees or who he wants out of the house, as he is friendly with or aligned with most people in the house.

At the same time, this is a great week to be in power. Not only can he make his mark on the Big Brother season, but he doesn’t have to worry about getting nominated again. He and the rest of his team will be completely safe for a week, and now they can try to put their personal games into action.

Stay tuned because more Big Brother spoilers about his decisions will be coming out over the next few days. That will also include who has won the Week 2 Power of Veto and what they plan to do with that power.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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