Big Brother spoilers: Who got more BB Bucks, was roulette power used?

High Roller's Room BB
The High Roller’s Room was opened back up on Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers from Friday now reveal that the houseguests have received more BB Bucks. After the Britini eviction episode, another America’s Vote was held where fans of the show could vote for their favorite houseguest to receive more BB currency.

Sarah Beth Steagall hosted her Nomination Ceremony early on Friday, leading to Derek Frazier and Claire Rehfuss being on the block. The nominations were highly influenced by Kyland Young, who spent many hours trying to convince Sarah Beth to take this route.

The Big Brother live feeds went down shortly after the Nomination Ceremony, spelling out that it was time for the houseguests to enter the High Roller’s Room again. Last week, the Veto Derby took place, where five people played a shuffleboard game to possibly win a second Power of Veto.

This time around, several of the houseguests were going to have enough money to play the second game. Called Chopping Block Roulette, someone spending 125 BB Bucks could save someone from the block and then spin a roulette wheel that would determine the replacement nominee.

As a reminder, before the new money was allocated, Derek Xiao had 100 BB Bucks, Hannah Chaddha and Xavier Pratha had 75, Alyssa Lopez, Azah Awasum, and Derek Frazier had 50, Tiffany Mitchell had 25, and Claire, Kyland, and Sarah Beth each had zero.

Big Brother spoilers about new BB Bucks and Chopping Block power

Based on what has been revealed on the feeds so far, Alyssa played the roulette game. It sounds like she removed Derek F and that Xavier became the replacement nominee. That left Claire on the block next to Xavier.

Later, Alyssa was seen speaking to other members of the house, where she said that it was Sarah Beth’s idea to take Derek F off the block instead of Claire.

More news and notes about Big Brother 23 season

The Veto Competition will be played on Saturday (August 21), and Derek X is now in a really tough situation. If he can win the Power of Veto, though, he could save Claire and completely shake up the game. But would DX risk having Sarah Beth put Hannah up as a replacement?

Stay tuned folks, because there could be some drama coming up based on how the Veto Competition plays out. Will Sarah Beth take the initiative to go after one of her own targets now? Or is Kyland going to continue controlling her HOH? Kyland believes he can keep controlling her and he was already bragging about it to members of The Cookout.

We will make sure to share if we learn the exact totals of BB Bucks that each person got added to their totals, but Alyssa using her power already is the main thing to focus on ahead of the Week 7 Veto Competition.

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