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Big Brother spoilers: Who did the secret HOH nominate for eviction?

Britini Survives On BB23
Britini D’Angelo has made it to at least the Big Brother 23 jury this summer. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers now include who the secret Head of Household has nominated for eviction this week. After the latest episode of Big Brother 23, the houseguests took part in a secret HOH Competition with the feeds down, leading to a new person being in charge of the game.

This is a big week to be the HOH because things have settled down and now, it is a march toward the season finale. Everyone who gets evicted from this point on becomes a member of the BB23 jury, making it extremely important to foster good relationships with those potential voters.

As for that secret new HOH, it is Kyland Young. This is the second time that he has been the Head of Household this summer. Kyland was also the HOH in Week 2 and he succeeded in getting Frenchie evicted. Now, he is already well on his way to getting another target sent packing.

The Nomination Ceremony just took place in the Big Brother house on Friday (August 13), which is a lot earlier in the day than during a typical week. This definitely suggests that the High Roller’s Room could be opened soon and the huge twist that Julie Chen Moonves introduced will start impacting the game

Who did Kyland Young nominate for eviction on Big Brother 23 Week 6?

Kyland just nominated Claire Rehfuss and Derek Frazier for eviction. The target this week is Claire and that is who Kyland is going to be pushing hard to become the first member of the BB23 jury. Putting a member of The Cookout on the block is a risky move by Kyland, though, so this could get very interesting to watch as the week progresses.

Many more Big Brother spoilers to come this weekend

When the High Roller’s Room gets opens up, we are going to get to see some of the houseguests trying to win the special powers. Those powers could definitely impact what happens over the next few days, especially if it allows a nominee to get off of the block.

As was previously reported by Monsters & Critics, some of the houseguests are very nervous that Alyssa Lopez could receive a lot of support from fans who subscribe to her Instagram pages. They fear that it will lead to a lot of votes in the twist and that she could have a lot of money to play with inside of the High Roller’s Room.

On Saturday (August 14), the BB23 cast will play in a new Veto Competition, where things could get even more chaotic in the house. Derek F will have to play for his own safety if he wants to get off of the block and everyone not in The Cookout will have one final chance to possibly shake things up before it becomes too late.

Stay tuned folks, because Big Brother 23 is about to get very interesting.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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