Big Brother spoilers: Janelle Pierzina reveals who she wants off BB22 cast

Memphis BB22 HOH
Memphis Garrett is the new Big Brother 22 HOH. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers from the overnight feeds have Janelle Pierzina revealing the member of the BB22 cast that she wants to be targeted for eviction immediately.

As a quick reminder, Memphis Garrett won the Head of Household Competition on Thursday night, taking the power from his alliance member Cody Calafiore.

As HOH, Memphis has to nominate two people for eviction in Week 2, and that’s where Janelle’s late-night conversation comes into play.

Big Brother spoilers: Who does Janelle want out of BB22?

It may come as no surprise to Janelle supporters that she wants to get Nicole Franzel out of the house. She isn’t being quiet about that goal and spoke at length with Nicole Anthony about her plans.

Nicole A. tried to help Janelle pull in the reigns a bit, but this is one old school player who doesn’t play the game in the shadows like a lot of the new school players do.

Below is a video of part of the conversation between Nicole A. and Janelle where the veteran of the game talks about why Memphis should nominate Nicole F. It is followed by a second video where Janelle takes it one step further.

There is a bit of NSFW language in both clips, so be aware of that in advance.

Janelle vs Nicole might be a non-starter in Week 2

While these are pretty exciting Big Brother spoilers to come from the live feeds ahead of the Week 2 Nomination Ceremony, it seems unlikely that Cody would let Memphis do this.

In our updated breakdown of the BB22 alliances, Cody and Memphis are both parts of alliances that include Nicole Franzel. Cody even has a final two deal with Nicole F., making it even less likely that the Big Brother 18 winner is getting nominated this week.

As the new HOH, Memphis definitely has a chance to really shake things up with a big game move that would look impressive on his resume later on in the season. If he really did target Nicole F. and Ian Terry — the only former winners on the BB22 cast — he could set an exciting trend for the season.

Even if Janelle pushes really hard for alternative nominees this week, she is a primary target of the alliances currently holding the power. She may get nominated and may need to win the Power of Veto just to extend her stay another week.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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