Big Brother recap: An HOH and their nominees

Kirsten On Big Brother 25
Kirsten Elwin is one of the Big Brother 25 nominees in Week 1. Pic credit: CBS

A new episode of Big Brother 25 aired on Sunday night.

It had been a while since the season premiere, so the producers had extensive footage to show.

On the Big Brother season premiere, 16 new houseguests began playing the game. They also competed in a series of challenges to reveal the first nominees of the summer.

Host Julie Chen Moonves revealed that a multiverse theme would be used for the BB25 cast, complicating how things will progress this summer.

The biggest twist came at the night’s end, revealing that Cirie Fields had become the 17th houseguest.

Now it’s time to find out who won the Head of Household Competition and what they did with the nominees.

Big Brother 25, Episode 2 recap

The new episode began with the first 16 houseguests meeting Cirie and reacting to her appearance.

Jared Fields revealed that he already knew his mom would be there, and Izzy Gleicher recognized mother and son from social media images. Izzy then approached Jared and Cirie to reveal that she knew the secret.

A segment was shown of the houseguests getting comfortable and meeting each other. Cameron Hardin said his nickname was Space Cowboy.

As a reminder, four people were on the block after the first episode. Those people were Jared, Kirsten Elwin, Felicia Cannon, and Cory Wurtenberger.

The first transmission came from the Humili-verse, asking four people to become Have-Nots. The room was then shown off as Luke Valentine, Hisam Goueli, Cory Wurtenberger, and Jared Fields became familiar with their punishments.

The first Big Brother 25 alliance

An alliance formed on the first day called the Phalanx Five. Diary Room sessions insinuated that many members were not taking it seriously, but it involved Luke Valentine, Reilly Smedley, Kirsten, Matt Klotz, and Jared.

Kirsten pulled Cirie aside, and they agreed to work together. Kirsten also did that with Felicia. She seemed to be aligning with anyone who would speak to her. Jared pulled his mom aside to say Kirsten might not be the one to work with.

An HOH Competition for the power

Cory, Kirsten, Felicia, and Jared watched the other 13 houseguests play to become the first Head of Household.

The challenge was an extended balance beam course, and the person with the fastest time would be crowned HOH.

Reilly won the HOH Competition by posting the best time.

Final nominees set for the week

Reilly was allowed to save two people from the block at the Anti-Nomination Ceremony,

Reilly saved Jared and Cory from the block.

This means Kirsten and Felicia are the two people left on the block for the week. They can save themselves by winning the Veto Competition. Kirsten is the target, and Felicia is the pawn.

And for readers who want to jump ahead, here are the BB25 veto results.

Here is a breakdown of the BB25 episode schedule and when fans should tune in next.

Big Brother 25 airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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