Big Brother recap: Xavier whines, Zingbot arrives, and a POV is won

Xavier On Big Brother 2021
Xavier Prather had a lot to complain about during a new episode of Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23, Episode 27 aired on Wednesday night and it revealed what happened in the time since Tiffany Mitchell put Alyssa Lopez and Xavier Prather on the block.

Tiffany won the Endurance Challenge to become the Head of Household again, giving her the power to protect Claire Rehfuss.

Other members of The Cookout were pretty frustrated that Tiffany was in charge again, and it was something that Xavier continued bringing up both in the house and in his Diary Room sessions.

Tiffany let everyone know that Alyssa was the target for eviction and that Xavier was just going to be a pawn. At her Nomination Ceremony, viewers saw the expected nominees.

Big Brother 23, Episode 27 recap: A road to the POV

Tiffany had the first new DR session as the episode began, where she explained that since she was HOH she wasn’t going to be nominating Claire.

Alyssa spoke next and stated that she understood why she was on the block and that the upcoming Veto Competition was very important for her.

As for Claire, she was “so happy that Alyssa and X” were on the block. She even said that “things could not be better right now.”

More complaining was done by Xavier. He talked with Derek Frazier about winning the Power of Veto and taking Alyssa off the block in order to force Tiffany to ruin her game. Derek F wasn’t too keen on that idea, because he feared going up on the block next to Xavier.

Veto players and a Zingbot arrival

Tiffany picked Hannah Chadda to play for the Power of Veto, Xavier drew Derek F, and Alyssa drew Azah. It meant that Claire and Kyland would not get a chance to play for the POV.

After they picked the players for the Veto Competition, the final eight houseguests were called to the backyard to meet Zingbot. He was there to make jokes about the BB23 cast and introduce the type of challenge.

Among his zings, Zingbot made fun of Azah’s crush on Xavier, how old Tiffany is, that Alyssa is Dim, that Derek F destroys toilets, and that Kyland never stops talking.

A must-win Veto Competition for Alyssa

The BB23 cast took part in a Veto Competition that was first used last season. It involved moving small drinks with oversized tweezers. The first one to get a full stack would win the Power of Veto.

It was a difficult challenge for most of the houseguests, but Tiffany talked about how easy it was to work with her hands due to her job (a phlebotomist).

Alyssa won the Power of Veto. This meant that she could save herself from the block and that it would put HOH Tiffany in a really difficult spot.

Claire in danger on Big Brother 23

Ahead of the Veto Ceremony, where Alyssa was going to save herself and TIffany would need to name a replacement nominee, Tiffany sat down with Claire to talk about how she needed to protect the people from The Cookout and that she had to name Claire as a replacement nominee.

It was a difficult segment to watch, as Claire took it really hard (as she should have) that Tiffany had turned on her. For readers who want to see the full conversation, here is the chat Tiffany had with Claire on the live feeds. And the classy responses that Claire gave to Tiffany and then in the DR Room likely gained her a lot of fans.

Final nominees for the week are set

Alyssa saved herself and Tiffany put Claire on the block at the Veto Ceremony. During the next episode of the show, the BB23 cast will decide on voting out Claire Rehfuss or Xavier Prather.

That brings an end to the Big Brother 23, Episode 27 recap. We now move toward the Double Eviction that is going to take place on Thursday night. We already have some BB23 spoilers for how that will turn out.

Also, here is a look at the upcoming Big Brother schedule, which has a Friday night episode and some time changes.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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Regina L Nunez
Regina L Nunez
2 years ago

If I was Clair I would have told, Tiffany, then hate me b***h if you are doing this to me and you care, hate me then you will not have to do this to me. If I was, Clair I would tell Alyssa, look around you look at the color watch your back because X is not looking out for you. This season was meant to have a black winner