Big Brother recap: Spoilers from new episode reveal HOH nominations

Cody's Nominations
Cody Calafiore nominated two people for eviction on BB22. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother recap time arrived again on Sunday night. Season 22, Episode 2 finally aired for BB All-Stars 2, letting CBS viewers find out what happened after the live move-in event.

During the season premiere, the night came to a close with Cody Calafiore becoming Head of Household. Host Julie Chen also hinted that some twists were coming, but that was saved for later.

For the summer 2020 season, 16 former houseguests have been brought back for another chance at the reality competition. Which All-Star has what it takes to make it all the way and win that $500,000 prize?

Big Brother 22, Episode 2 recap

Cody Calafiore had the first Diary Room session on Episode 2, where he explained that he wasn’t planning to win and put a target on his back, but here he was now.

Da’Vonne Rogers had a DR next and she spoke about how it is intimidating to be in a season of famous people from the history of the show.

Then, Ian Terry spoke about how he wanted to win the first HOH, but now he would have to adjust his game to win for a second time. He also won Big Brother 14.

A series of additional DRs followed that up, including Nicole Franzel crying in one of them.

Have-Not Room gets opened up

One thing that didn’t get shown during the season premiere was the Have-Not Room. The four people suffering through it in Week 1 are Ian Terry, Kevin Campbell, Memphis Garrett, and Nicole Anthony. The room is tiny and uninviting, so it won’t be something many people volunteer for this season.

Cody and Nicole F. reunite

Cody and Nicole F. were both on Big Brother 16 and it is clear that they are aligning again this season. Nicole then told Cody to make an alliance of guys and that she would make an alliance of girls so that they could share information.

The immediate targets for eviction from HOH Cody were Kaysar Ridha and Janelle Pierzina, which didn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone paying attention. It’s new school vs. old school in this dynamic.

When Tyler Crispen walked into the HOH Room, Cody told him he was already safe.

Big Brother Safety Suite twist

Everyone was given a VIP pass to the Safety Suite. Each houseguest can only use it once and only enter the Safety Suite once. BB22 cast members can choose when to enter and can do it strategically.

If you win the Safety Suite Competition from that week, you are safe, and you get to pick someone else to also be safe. It’s a twist that could impact the game a lot this summer.

When the Safety Suite opened for the week, people only had one hour to decide if they were going to enter.

Before they got back to the Safety Suite, though, Kaysar and Janelle were shown each approaching Cody, and he was very sketchy about his interactions with them. Janelle even offered a safety deal to not nominate her this week. He passed.

Kaysar and Janelle ended up using their VIP passes to play for safety.

Kaysar won the Safety Competition, which involved memorizing the correct DJ beats from a song and selecting the correct playback on a series of turntables.

After hearing the results, Kaysar then picked Janelle to also have safety.

Week 1 Big Brother nominations for eviction

Ahead of the nominations, Kaysar and Janelle removed themselves from being nominated by Cody.

Nicole F. was pretty upset when she went to chat with Cody about Kaysar and Janelle being safe. Cody then had a Diary Room session where he talked about his new targets.

Cody Calafiore nominated Kevin Campbell and Keesha Smith for eviction.

That brings an end to the Big Brother recap for Season 22, Episode 2. For readers who want to jump ahead, we have Veto Competition spoilers as well.

Big Brother 22 returns August 12 at 8/7c on CBS.

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