Big Brother: Nicole Franzel shares video of when she told Victor Arroyo she was pregnant and it’s priceless

Nicole And Victor Pregnant
Nicole and Victor shared some great news with their fans. Pic credit: @coconuts_/Instagram

Big Brother couple Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo are going to be having a baby this summer.

The big news was recently revealed by the couple, with Nicole breaking the news to her social media followers and Victor then sharing sonogram photos on his Instagram page.

Now, Nicole has shared a really cute video from when she broke the news to Victor for the first time. It was a great moment for the couple, and now they have it on video to show their child many years down the road.

Nicole surprises Victor with baby news

It appears that Nicole set it up so that Victor thought they were filming a video for their upcoming wedding, but Nicole had it all planned out for a different reason.

As shown in the video below, Victor gets surprised when he is asked to check in the pocket of Nicole’s apron. There he finds a pregnancy test. We won’t spoil the reaction, but it is well worth watching the video shared below.


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Nicole and Victor: From Big Brother to The Amazing Race

It was as members of the Big Brother 18 cast that Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo met. They were in opposing alliances, though, and it wasn’t until after that season that they became a couple.

After appearing on BB18, the couple then went on The Amazing Race and competed. To top it off, they then appeared during the Big Brother 20 season, where Victor proposed to Nicole in the middle of the living room.

The proposal took place while the BB20 cast was still playing the game, so they got to watch it from the monitors up in the Head of Household Room. There was then a party in the living room as some houseguests from the past showed up to celebrate.

Nicole returned to play on Big Brother All-Stars 2, where she finished in third place. Victor cheered her on from home and since her return, they have been back to hosting their online podcast.

Now, they have a baby on the way and also a wedding to plan. The couple plans to get married before Nicole gives birth, so we could soon be writing more about when the big day is planned.

More Big Brother news

The next new season of Big Brother has been ordered by CBS, and it will air this summer. People who are interested in becoming members of the BB23 cast can still apply online.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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