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Big Brother live feeds: Whitney Williams called out for making a racist comment and laughing about it

Xavier On Big Brother 23
Xavier Prather called out Whitney Williams for a comment she made on the Big Brother live feeds. Pic credit: CBS

Whitney Williams made a comment on the Big Brother live feeds that many fans of the show are not pleased with. Luckily, she was called out on the spot by Xavier Prather, but even then she couldn’t stop laughing about the racially insensitive joke she had just made.

“The following media includes potentially sensitive content,” reads the message from Twitter for people heading to view the video taken straight from the live feeds. And it’s right.

Whitney, Xavier, and Brent Champagne were in the kitchen having a chat when Whitney made a joke about Derek Xiao. That had just followed a discussion upstairs where they had talked about some movies.

To provide context for what Whitney says in the video below, she had wanted to cuddle with Derek Xiao, but later claimed she didn’t want to make contact with “his business” while doing it. Understandable. The way she described it was less understandable.

What did Whitney say about Derek X on Big Brother live feeds?

“I did cuddle with him. I just made him close his legs,” Whitney said while showing with her hands how Derek X closed his legs. “I didn’t want to feel the whole eggroll, I just wanted to cuddle.”

“Hold on, hold on,” Xavier immediately says to Whitney.

“Yo, and you tryna cancel me, America?” Brent can be heard saying in the background.

“Bring that back. We need you to apologize publicly,” Xavier states as Whitney continues laughing about the joke she just made. “Cause that was rude. I’m not laughing. Brent’s not laughing, either”

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Whitney Williams continued laughing about her joke and the situation.

Big Brother fans already reacting to what Whitney said

A lot of Big Brother fans have already commended Xavier on social media for immediately standing up to the comments that Whitney was making. Others couldn’t believe that Whitney would even say that.

Whitney Comments on Big Brother Feeds
Whitney Williams has created new controversy with her comments on the Big Brother live feeds. Pic credit: @KeyshawnDavis13/Twitter

More controversy from Whitney Williams

Earlier this season, Claire Rehfuss talked to the cameras after she had been in the room for a chat about conspiracy theories with other members of the BB23 cast. During that chat, Claire claimed that Whitney said the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was faked. That caught the attention of a lot of people watching the feeds.

This joke that Whitney made was something that the Big Brother producers were trying to get away from this season, but it seems that they weren’t entirely successful. Maybe the fact that Xavier immediately called out Whitney will cause her to stop doing it. Stay tuned.

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Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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3 thoughts on “Big Brother live feeds: Whitney Williams called out for making a racist comment and laughing about it”

  1. Well anyone that has any sense can already see that this session is being set up for a black, African American or whatever they wish to be called these days to win this session of Big Brother! I’m so tired of this racial stuff I’m about to just stop watching television all together!

    I always treat a person the way I want to be treated, and when your cut you bleed red then you are the same as me!

    • AMEN, I as well am so disgusted of the racism. I truly hope this program will be shut down once and for all. This sort of racism does NOT need to be aired.

  2. CBS promotes RACISM. This is the worse season yet. Time to Cancel this show. Don’t buy any products advertised on this show. Boycott the advertisers.


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