Big Brother live feeds: Pre-gaming, friends in BB22 jury discussed by Christmas Abbott, Enzo Palumbo

Christmas Still On BB22
Christmas Abbott has made it to the final five of Big Brother 22. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother live feeds revealed an interesting chat between Christmas Abbott and Enzo Palumbo today.

Christmas and Enzo are worried about what the BB22 jury would vote based on friendships and possible pre-gaming that took place.

The conversation took place at roughly 4:30 p.m. PT (house time) and revealed a lot of thoughts that are likely shared with fans of the show.

Enzo and Christmas accuse Cody and Nicole of pre-gaming

Speaking about Nicole, Enzo stated, “She probably had friends coming into this f**king house. She’s friends with Dani. She’s friends with Da’Vonne. If Cody gets into jury that’s another vote.”

Enzo also went on to state that he feels Kevin Campbell will throw Nicole a vote, so she would already have four votes from the BB22 jury, making it very tough to beat her in the final two.

The heart of this conversation was them telling each other how much they needed the other person. It seemed to be an earnest and honest conversation, but it’s never clear where Enzo’s allegiances fall. He likely still values the final two deal he has with Cody but wants to make sure that he doesn’t get targeted by Christmas if she wins the next Head of Household Competition.

“I feel like them two came in here with some type of f**king thing,” Enzo later told Christmas about Nicole and Cody. “They had to.”

“I know they did. For sure,” Christmas agreed. “They had the same mentor.”

“So they were on the phone for three months before this f**king thing even started,” Enzo added. “I know already.”

The person that Christmas was referring to is Derrick Levasseur, who won Big Brother 16. That was also the first season that Nicole and Cody were on the show.

Recently, Cody and Nicole were chatting on the feeds about their moms being close friends.

This all seems to further give credence to the rumors on social media that a number of BB22 cast members and people who didn’t make the cut were pre-gaming through texts or phone calls. Big Brother 19 winner Josh Martinez previously admitted he was a part of it.

More Big Brother 22 spoilers and news

Social media has also been buzzing about the flirting going on between Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott. Some fans are convinced that there is something more to their friendship, even though Memphis has a girlfriend back home.

We also know who is about to get evicted from the Big Brother house, unless something drastic happens over the next few days. It could lead to a very interesting arrival at the BB22 house.

Big Brother airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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