Big Brother live feeds down, what is being covered up?

Kyle Out Of BB24
Kyle Capener finished in eighth place on Big Brother 24. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother live feeds for the backyard have been down for days, leaving fans with many questions about what is happening.

We have a list of Dyre Fest spoilers here, with a lot happening to the backyard group of houseguests before something forced the producers to take down the feeds.

The prevailing rumor is that the houseguests living in the backyard had to deal with a wall-yeller trying to interfere with the game.

This certainly wouldn’t be the first time that an overzealous fan has sought to change the narrative of the game, but it happens because it is definitely possible to interject things.

In this instance, Kyle Capener has not been well-accepted by a large portion of Big Brother fans, partly due to the comments he has made in the house but also due to his own personal background.

Recently, the term “KKKyle” was even trending on social media. This is why it would make sense that a fan might want to warn HOH Terrance Higgins about what Kyle was stating.

Why are the Big Brother live feeds down for the backyard?

It’s possible that the producers of the show are still worried that someone outside of the game is trying to interfere. People living inside of the house (the other group) have noted that there is loud music outside, so music could be a way to deal with wall-yellers.

And if the music is copyrighted, then CBS can’t have the feeds on because the subscribers would then hear the music.

What have we missed with the feeds being down?

It’s nearly guaranteed that the Dyre Fest group’s Veto Meeting has already occurred. This means that the two nominees have been finalized for the week and someone is about to be sent to the BB24 jury house.

For Big Brother fans who want to learn the veto results, here is a link to the Power of Veto spoilers from the week.

If the backyard feeds remain down for even longer, it might make the August 24 episode of the show even more interesting, mostly because we won’t know exactly what to expect. And that could then lead to an interesting Double Eviction during the August 25 episode.

Stay tuned, folks, as there could be some drama coming.

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