Big Brother live feeds: Christmas wants Cody to admit pre-gaming

Christmas Upset BB22 Final 4
Christmas Abbott is frustrated that she will likely finish in fourth place on Big Brother 22. Pic credit: CBS

The latest episode of Big Brother All-Stars made it pretty evident that the end of the road is coming up for Christmas Abbott.

Cody Calafiore won the final Veto Competition of the summer and is now going to vote on whether to keep Christmas or Nicole Franzel.

Anyone watching the show is aware of the strong alliance that Cody and Nicole have on the show. Many fans are also convinced that they aligned before the cameras even started rolling.

Those pre-gaming rumors are going to stick with Nicole and Cody for a while, but Christmas is hoping he will just come clean instead of giving a fake Veto Meeting speech.

Christmas and Enzo discuss pre-gaming

Wednesday night on the Big Brother live feeds, Enzo and Christmas had a long chat about what was happening in the house and how they felt Nicole and Cody came into the season with a plan.

Enzo also shared with Christmas that he wanted to keep her, but that Cody was not going to do it. Instead, Christmas is about to become the fourth member of the BB22 jury.

“She’s got like a good grip on him. I don’t know. Like I said, they’ve been game-talking since the beginning, I guess, or they came in with something, I don’t know. But, they have like a really good connection,” Enzo said to Christmas.

“They literally had the same f***ing mentor,” Christmas responded.

Enzo and Christmas then chatted about Cody and Nicole talking on the phone before the season, with Enzo saying he was pretty sure Cody called Nicole about pre-gaming. Enzo then admitted to being upset about it and how the last three weeks have gone.

“Just admit you have a pre-game alliance dude,” Christmas said about Cody when they later started talking about what Cody is likely to say at the upcoming Veto Meeting.

“You can’t break that,” she said in reference to the Nicole and Cody alliance.

Below is footage from part of that conversation so you can check out everything else that Christmas and Enzo had to say.

Big Brother 22 ends in less than a week

The season finale of the show will air on Wednesday, October 28, meaning the winner will soon be announced. It will be a big day for a lot of BB22 cast members, especially since it is payday.

The Big Brother All-Stars payouts are very nice, specifically because everyone got an appearance fee just to show up this summer. Plus, someone is walking away with the $500,000 prize very soon.

Nicole Franzel is likely very happy the season is coming to an end after an embarrassing moment that took place on the feeds. Maybe that will be shown as a segment during the special Friday night episode this week.

Big Brother airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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