Nicole Franzel peed herself on Big Brother live feeds

Nicole Franzel BB22 Noms
Nicole Franzel joined the BB22 cast to play the game for a third time. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother live feeds have been unkind to Nicole Franzel this season.

That continued this week when Nicole accidentally peed herself while the BB22 cast members were joking around in the kitchen.

When it happened, it seemed like Nicole was just adding to the humor, making the joke that a lot of people have made about losing control of their bladders while laughing too hard.

That wasn’t the case here, though, as it was quickly evident that Nicole wasn’t joking around. It led to some very shocked reactions and expressions from Cody Calafiore, Christmas Abbott, and Enzo Palumbo.

Nicole’s bladder gets the best of her on Big Brother feeds

“I literally peed my pants,” Nicole can be seen saying as the other three houseguests come to check if she is joking.

“What the f***!,” Cody can be seen and heard yelling after a few moments of uncomfortable laughing and silence.

“Oh my God! Nobody move. Nobody move,” Nicole states as she reaches to grab paper towels in order to start cleaning up the kitchen floor.

“Somebody get some Windex. Get some disinfectant,” Cody can be heard yelling.

“Did your water break?” Christmas asks from across the kitchen island.

“This is the final four everybody!” Christmas yells to the cameras as the commotion continues.

For those readers who can’t believe that this actually happened, a video showing all four views from the quad-cam on the CBS live feeds is shared below.

Will this be something that makes it into a future episode? It certainly seems like a clip that could be entertaining to viewers tuning in to watch the flashback segments that are likely coming up soon.

Big Brother spoilers and news

The good news for Nicole is that she is making it to the final three this season. Cody won the final Power of Veto and he plans to vote out Christmas at the upcoming Eviction Ceremony.

This means Nicole has a shot at becoming the first two-time winner in the history of the show. It also means she is joining an exclusive list of houseguests who have made it to the final three more than one time.

No matter what happens in the final few episodes, every member of the BB22 cast is getting a nice paycheck for playing the game this summer. That’s a big deal because not everyone can walk away with that $500,000 prize on finale night.

And speaking of finale night, there are some fun rumors about what Kaysar Ridha and Janelle Piezina might wear that day.

Big Brother airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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Nun Ya
Nun Ya
3 years ago

Seriously you don’t know the difference between the words “where” and “wear”. Great editing.