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Big Brother: Which six houseguests are the only ones to make the final three twice?

Enzo BB22 HOH 2
Enzo Palumbo has made it to the final three on Big Brother All-Stars 2. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother is about to complete its 25th season in the United States and only six houseguests have made it to the final three on two different occasions.

That counts the 22 summer versions of the show, the two winter celebrity seasons, and the online version called Big Brother Over the Top.

And to make it even more interesting, three of the people who have made it to the final three twice are members of the BB22 cast.

Be prepared to encounter a few spoilers within this article, as it is going to address who has likely made it to the final three this season.

Which houseguests have twice made it to the final three?

Before the current season of the show, only two people had ever made it to the final two twice. Dan Gheesling won Big Brother 10 and then finished in second place to Ian Terry on Big Brother 14.

Paul Abrahamian finished second place to Nicole Franzel on Big Brother 18 and returned for Big Brother 19, where he finished in second place to Josh Martinez.

And then there was Janelle Pierzina, who finished in third place on Big Brother 6 and returned to finish third place on Big Brother 7 as well.

Those three houseguests have to be considered royalty in the history of the show and it is one of the reasons why long-time fans of the show still love Janelle.

Janelle got evicted before the jury started up this season, though, so she didn’t end up becoming the first person to make the final three on three different occasions.

Big Brother 22 cast has three people joining the list

Cody Calafiore finished in second place on Big Brother 16, Enzo Palumbo finished in third place on Big Brother 12, Christmas Abbott finished in third place on Big Brother 19, and Nicole Franzel was the Big Brother 18 winner.

As for the spoilers that we promised, Cody won the final Power of Veto for Season 22, giving him an automatic spot in the final three. It is assumed that he will take Nicole with him, putting her in the final three as well.

It’s also possible that we could be looking at the first two-time winner in the history of the show if the BB22 jury decides that Nicole deserves to win this season.

To summarize, the only six people to ever make the final three on two different seasons are Dan, Paul, Janelle, Cody, Nicole, and Enzo.

Who will win Big Brother 22?

Cody has been a — prepare for a cliche here — competition beast this season by winning HOH three times and the Power of Veto four times. He seems to be the favorite to win the season and he just told the live feed cameras he is “confident” he will win.

The only way that is likely to change is if the final two ends up being Nicole and Enzo. Then, it could lead to an interesting decision from the BB22 jury.

And since the final three isn’t officially set just yet, Christmas is appealing to Cody to save her and take her to the final three over Nicole. Wouldn’t that be some interesting television?

Big Brother airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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