Big Brother live feeds adjusted for BB24 cast

BB22 Live Feeds
The Big Brother live feeds are available through Paramount+ to fans. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother live feeds return this summer and the BB24 cast is just about ready to entertain the fans.

Previously, though, the network had stated that the live feeds wouldn’t be coming online until 11 p.m. PT / 2 a.m. ET on the evening of July 6.

Thankfully, an update has been provided, giving a new time when the Big Brother live feeds will finally become available.

The good news it that it will be earlier than what was advertised over the weekend, but, the bad news is that we are still going to miss some of the action.

When do Big Brother live feeds get turned on for BB24 cast?

The Big Brother live feeds will be turned on at 9:30 p.m. PT / 12:30 a.m. ET on the night of Wednesday, July 6. That’s what is now being reported on the portal that Paramount+ has available for Big Brother fans.

This time marks the end of the West Coast viewing of the season premiere, meaning East Coast viewers will have to wait three hours after the episode ends to actually have full access to the Big Brother live feeds.

Delayed action on the Big Brother live feeds

It’s a tad disappointing that there are going to be at least three hours of Day 1 footage that Big Brother fans aren’t going to get to see in full. We may get some edited clips of those missing three hours during upcoming episodes, but fans won’t get to see some important conversations and alliance-forming.

For anyone who thinks that the missed footage from Day 1 isn’t a big deal, it’s important to point out the relationship that Jackson Michie and Kathryn Dunn had on Big Brother 21. Their showmance ended before the first episode even aired, and then it was never actually addressed by the show itself.

Additional Big Brother news

Former Big Brother winner Ian Terry doesn’t watch the show. Ian gave an interview ahead of the BB24 cast getting announced where he spoke about his experience on the show and also explained why he doesn’t watch it now.

And Janelle Pierzina shared photos from another show that she has filmed. Janelle took part in a new reality competition show that will debut later this summer, and it also features Big Brother 13 winner Rachel Reilly.

For anyone who hasn’t heard the news, Big Brother couple Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett just got married.

Big Brother 24 debuts July 6 on CBS.

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No Hypnotherapy
No Hypnotherapy
1 year ago

I’ve had a bad experience with a hypnotherapist. I was hypnotized without my knowledge or consent, and I can’t break it off once I know it’s there. That’s a breach of the hypnotherapy ethics code, but the profession’s enforcement of its ethics code is nonexistent. I’m sure other people have other horror stories about this horror of a profession. Yet CBS is glamorizing it by putting a hypnotherapist on Big Brother. Let’s boycott the show until this woman from an unregulated profession is told to stay home.