Big Brother: Holly Allen says she knew someone on BB21 cast before the show started

Holly Allen and Jackson Michie had a showmance on Big Brother in 2019. Pic credit: CBS

Holly Allen from Big Brother 21 revealed something interesting this week. She claims that she knew someone from the BB21 cast before filming even began.

A post on Instagram was where Holly revealed that “tea” and it led to some immediate guesses from the fans. But Kathryn Dunn claims that it isn’t her that Holly referred to.

There had been a bit of controversy about the BB21 cast already because it turned out that Tommy Bracco and Christine Murphy knew each other in the real world.

Christine had been dating one of Tommy’s relatives, which had Tommy and Christine existing within the same circle of people. They tried to keep that secret when Big Brother 21 started but later revealed it to everyone.

There had also been a lot of rumors of Holly Allen and Kat Dunn knowing each other from the pageant circuit. They denied that story at first, but a lot of fans felt that they had figured it out.

Holly confesses to knowing someone from BB21 cast ahead of time

“This was while filming my key reveal and I sent it to another contestant who I knew prior to going on the show because we both knew we were likely going on and both filming our key reveals that day,” said Holly Allen while posting to an Instagram Story.

“Yup, that’s the tea. We were sneaky AF from the start and lied for months. Aaanyway, I got kidnapped right after this and my phone was taken away (even though one of my best friends was texting me saying she was in labor and my mom was trying to get ahold of me),” Holly wrote to conclude her note.

Holly BB21 Hint
Holly made an odd statement on social media. Pic credit: @MissHollyAllen/Instagram

Kat Dunn responds to Big Brother rumors

Kat, who was also on Big Brother 21, saw the post getting shared and logged on to Reddit to make a post of her own in regard to the rumors that she was the one that Holly had texted.

“I never got this pic so wasn’t me,” Kat said with the emoji of someone shrugging.

Kat’s response immediately led to fans of the show guessing that it could have been Jackson Michie that she was talking about. There had been chatter on the live feeds that she may have been at his apartment before their Big Brother season began.

Holly and Jackson were part of a showmance as members of the BB21 cast – something that helped them get all the way to the end. They continued a relationship when the season came to an end, but it was revealed this summer that Holly and Jackson broke up.

Recently, Jackson has been linked to a Netflix actress through his social media posts. That led to Holly commenting about it on social media and Kat tossing some shade her way when she pretended she was never warned about Jackson’s behavior on BB21.

Big Brother 23 coming up soon

The next season of the hit reality competition show is already in the works. Big Brother 23 has been ordered by CBS and producers are working to put together a new cast for summer 2021.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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