Big Brother fans split on reactions to Taylor Hale tweet

Taylor Hale on the red carpet
Taylor Hale won the Big Brother 24 season. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

Big Brother 24 winner Taylor Hale went through a lot during her season.

Taylor was targeted early in the season, but survived the block and joined a strong alliance called The Leftovers.

She was on the block six times but persevered and won an 8-1 vote by the BB24 jury over Monte Taylor.

The producers cast Taylor for Big Brother: Reindeer Games, a winter spin-off with nine alums competing for a cash prize.

Taylor’s social media has been packed with activity when she isn’t playing Big Brother, often updating fans and followers on her life.

A weekend post stirred up Big Brother fans as a tweet underscored Taylor’s self-confidence.

Taylor Hale calls herself ‘pretty’

“WHEW! I am so f***ing pretty,” Taylor posted on X on Saturday night.

The BB24 winner didn’t explain her post on social media. It left fans guessing at the motivations behind it.

Taylor Hale Tweet
Taylor Hale makes a social media post. Pic credit: @TheTayMack/X

Many of Taylor’s fans and followers quickly left messages of support.

“Absolutely gorgeous,” wrote one fan.

“Yes you are!! never forget that queen,” wrote another fan.

“YOU AINT NEVER LIED,” expressed someone else.

Many of those fan comments are shared below.

Taylor Fan Tweets
Taylor Hale’s fans shared their support. Pic credit: @TheTayMack/X

Not everyone was on board with Taylor’s post. Several other X users were turned off by the post.

“I will always admire everything that gorgeous & smart BB lady overcame to win her season, but I couldn’t be more over her. I wish her well but a little humility would serve her well,” wrote one Big Brother fan.

Taylor Former Fan
A fan responds to Taylor’s post. Pic credit: @VintageWingnut1/X

“I know who! First tweet I saw when coming on here Ick,” wrote another fan.

This fan created a debate that had people weighing in with their thoughts.

One of those responses was very favorable to Taylor.

“From my perspective, as Black women, society constantly tries to make us feel less than white women. Less attractive, less desirable, etc. So I always appreciate seeing a Black woman who has confidence in herself and expresses it. That’s how I read her posts,” responded one user.

Taylor Fans Debate
Fans debate Taylor’s post. Pic credit: @leebee4life/X

Taylor may address the post later due to all of the responses to her original post.

What did you think about Taylor’s post? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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