Big Brother fans sharing the most iconic exits the show has seen

Da'Vonne Rogers BB18
Da’Vonne Rogers had a memorable exit on Big Brother 17. Pic credit: Monty Brinson/CBS

There have been some iconic Big Brother exits over the years. It has led to fans debating about which ones were the best.

A “Big Brother exit” refers to a houseguest walking out the front door to meet with Julie Chen Moonves. This can happen after a vote or when the winner has been announced.

Each season, viewers see numerous exits taking place during Thursday eviction ceremonies.

Some houseguests are stoic and accepting of their game fate, while others are very outgoing and reactionary to what has happened.

And then there are the players who are excited to have freedom and now get to see people outside of the game for the first time in months.

So, who had the most memorable Big Brother exit? Let’s take a look at some of the entries fans have submitted.

Big Brother fans share the most iconic Big Brother exits

A query was made by an X account that posts a lot about Big Brother.

“Most iconic Big Brother exit? I’ll start,” they posted. It was followed by a GIF of Da’Vonne Rogers exiting the house on Big Brother 17.

Da’Vonne’s excited reaction has been frequently used by people on social media, and not just in correlation with Big Brother.

Of course, a fan quickly responded with a GIF of Cody Nickson storming out following his Big Brother 19 eviction. He was done with the rest of the BB19 cast.

Another fan shared the Rachel Swindler exit from Big Brother 20. Rachel had been in a strong six-person alliance with people like Kaycee Clark and Tyler Crispen, but they were cutting her loose, and she was not pleased.

Rachel’s full exit video is shared below.

Another memorable exit was shared from the Big Brother 18 season. Michelle Meyer (Big Meech) was voted out, and rather than go quietly, she stole the house mascot Paul Abrahamian had been carrying around that season.

Another exit from Big Brother 17 was shared due to how it went down, as Austin Matelson was cut. It changed the entire trajectory of that season.

While not exactly iconic, no list of memorable Big Brother exits would be complete without the booing session that Christine Varner got on BB16.

More Big Brother news and notes

A Big Brother alum is rumored to be on The Traitors 3. A new season of the Peacock show begins filming soon, and Big Brother alums are expected to play again.

A Big Brother legend also wants to be on Survivor. They caught the bug of being on reality TV again and are ready to try again.

Soon, a new group of houseguests will call the Big Brother house their home for the summer.

Here is an early schedule of BB26 episodes.

Previous seasons of Big Brother featuring these classic exits are streaming on Paramount+.

Big Brother 26 debuts July 17 on CBS.

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