Big Brother: Dani Briones talks about ending friendship with Nicole Franzel because of BB22

Dani And Nicole BB22
Daniele Donato Briones and Nicole Franzel returned for Big Brother 2020. Pic credit: CBS

Daniele Briones from Big Brother 22 sat down with the hosts of the Hello, Friends podcast and spoke about former friend Nicole Franzel.

There had been a lot of questions from fans about why Dani was more upset with Nicole than Cody Calafiore. It was Cody who helped send Dani packing while Nicole was sitting on the block next to her.

As Dani tells it, she went into the season as good friends with Nicole, so her expectation was that they had a really strong alliance that could take them to the end of the game.

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Dani also noted that she didn’t know that Nicole and Cody were close. It’s an interesting statement, as it seemed like everyone watching the show knew how close Nicole and Cody were before the first episode even aired.

Dani Briones talks about Nicole Franzel

“I’ve never… I’ve truly never been hurt by an actual friend the way that Nicole hurt me on this season,” Dani said while answering a question on the podcast. “Yeah, I’ve never been in there, obviously, with somebody I considered a friend and I’ve never felt duped by somebody the way that I felt by her.”

Dani went on to say that, “I always had her back, I was always going to do everything for her, and I was genuinely really, really hurt by her. I never said in the jury that I would never vote for her.”

The latter part of her statement was in reference to some other rumors that came out of the BB22 jury house, where it was stated that Dani was holding a grudge against Nicole and would not give her a vote if Nicole was sitting in the final two.

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As we all saw it play out, Cody cut Nicole when he won the final Head of Household Competition and he took Enzo Palumbo with him to the final two. Cody was then unanimously named the Big Brother 22 winner, with both Nicole and Daniele voting for him to win.

“I’m not mad at her. I was really, really hurt by her, and really taken back by it all because it was like this person who I’ve been really good friends with for six years now, none of it’s making sense. I didn’t understand any of it. And then I get by goodbye messages in jury, and it was like… I cried a lot in jury,” Dani added to the segment where she spoke about Nicole.

Before Dani was able to expand upon the goodbye messages, though, it seemed like Nicole Anthony (podcast host) cut her off a bit. It would have been interesting to hear what Nicole Franzel said to Dani during that goodbye message.

Below is a clip from the Hello, Friends podcast that covers part of Dani talking about Nicole for readers who want to watch it. The full podcast is available online as well, and it provided an interesting point of view from Dani.

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And speaking of Nicole Franzel, she just revealed that she is pregnent. Nicole and Victor Arroyo are expecting a bay in 2021.

Nicole will likely give birth soon after the Big Brother 23 cast begins playing the game.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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