Big Brother alums give advice to the BB24 cast members

Xavier On BB23 Cast
Big Brother 23 winner Xavier Prather has some advice for the BB24 cast. Pic credit: CBS

A few Big Brother alums recorded video messages for the BB24 cast where they gave advice on how to play the game. While it was part of a promotion for the upcoming season of The Challenge USA, some of them did offer some great advice.

Big Brother 24’s first episode is on Wednesday, July 6, which is likely also the first day that the new cast begins playing the game. A live premiere has been advertised, letting Big Brother fans watch as the move-in takes place.

Regarding the ties that Big Brother has to The Challenge, CBS has rolled out a new format of the show, with just people who have been on previous CBS reality TV shows taking part. And there are some interesting Big Brother alums on the new cast.

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Big Brother vets give advice to BB24 cast

Xavier Prather, who was the Big Brother 23 winner, starts out the video shared below. He talks about being kind, and that is followed up by Alyssa Lopez (BB23), who says that people need to overthink everything.

Derek Xiao (BB23) provided some great advice by telling the BB24 cast to question everything and to trust nobody. Had he followed his own advice, he might have lasted longer in the Summer 2021 season.

Other former houseguests who are featured in the video are Angela Rummans (BB20), Tiffany Mitchell (BB23), Kyland Young (BB23), Azah Awasum (BB23), and David Alexander (BB21, BB22).

More notes on the Big Brother 24 season

The producers have advertised that Big Brother 24 will feature new challenges and new twists. This is a big deal because the show could use unique ideas heading into the new season.

It has also been revealed that the BB24 cast will only be new people to the game, giving Big Brother fans some new blood to cheer on during the hot summer months.

Pretty soon, the show will release the official BB24 cast list and that will allow fans to start debating about which houseguests have the best shot to win the money. The $750,000 prize is back on the table, so someone is going to be leaving the Big Brother house with a lot of money in their pocket this September.

As for the tie-in between Big Brother 24 and The Challenge USA, new episodes will be airing back-to-back each Wednesday night this summer. And that begins with a 90-minute premiere episode of each show on Wednesday, July 6.

Big Brother 24 debuts July 6 on CBS.

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