Big Brother alum Bayleigh Dayton gives birth to baby girl

Bayleigh Speaks
A Big Brother 20 showmance has a baby. Pic credit: Swaggy C and Bayleigh/YouTube

Bayleigh Dayton from Big Brother 20 has had her baby with husband Chris “Swaggy C” Williams.

The baby arrived near the end of August 2022, but the Big Brother showmance hasn’t revealed the exact birth date just yet.

Today, Bayleigh took to her Instagram Stories, where she spoke about having a night nurse on hand to help out with the new baby.

Bayleigh also explained that she needs some extra help right now and that having a night nurse helping with the baby allows her to get some rest.

The couple has stated that more details about the birth of their baby will come in the near future, and that Bayleigh will be talking more about it when she feels that the time is right.

For now, she is keeping her followers up-to-date with snippets of information getting presented through Instagram Stories.

Bayleigh Dayton announced she has given birth

“This is my last post about my pregnancy until Im ready to share my birth story and my baby girl. (She’s perfect btw ?? I can’t wait to share it all )[sic],” Bayleigh wrote on an Instagram post.

“I’m crying writing this. I am so grateful for you Christopher. You are the epitome of what it means to have a partner. You show up for us and our family in a way that is immeasurable. Thank you for allowing me to carry your child and carry on our bloodlines ? This experience with you has been so beautiful,” Bayleigh wrote about her husband in the caption of the post.

Bayleigh and Chris have a YouTube channel

It is expected, that at some point, the Big Brother couple is going to upload a video (or a few videos) about what has been going on in their lives recently. They did share a video about intimacy this week, but that’s not quite what everyone is looking to see.

There could also end up being a story or two published when the couple decides to put out photos of their new baby girl.

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