Big Brother All-Stars spoilers: Evel Dick sad Paul Abrahamian isn’t playing, but he has a reason

Evel Dick and Paul Abrahamian
Evel Dick and Paul Abrahamian have a history of not getting along. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother All-Stars spoilers recently confirmed that Paul Abrahamian won’t be a part of the cast.

Now, Evel Dick Donato has posted on social media that he is disappointed by that. Die-hard fans may be able to guess why.

For quite a few years, Big Brother 8 winner Evel Dick Donato has been giving commentary on new houseguests and seasons of the show. That continued through the two appearances by Paul Abrahamian.

Dick is not a fan of Paul and the two have had quite a number of arguments on social media where they debate gameplay and how badly Paul managed the jury during his seasons.

Recently, Paul officially announced that he wasn’t playing Big Brother 22. This came as a shock to a lot of his fans and people who had been convinced that he was going to be on the BB22 cast list.

Evel Dick comments on Paul, BB22

Posting about the Big Brother All-Stars, Evel Dick couldn’t help but bring up Paul again. A short while ago he posted a BB22 cast list he said he had, but this new post was more specific about the show.

He started the post by saying, “I have to admit, I’m disappointed Paul isn’t on this season.” That sentence alone may have caught some people off-guard, but the punchline was still coming.

Take a look at the full text below to see how he finished that sentiment:

ED On Paul
Evel Dick trolls Paul Abrahamian. Pic credit: @EvelDick/Twitter

Big Brother All-Stars spoilers from Evel Dick

As referenced in the first part of his tweet shared above, the BB8 winner talked about messaging his daughter (Daniele Donato) and not getting a response.

He also posted an image on social media to confirm that he had indeed been doing that and it may end up being a good indication that Daniele is a part of the BB22 cast.

Daniele has certainly been mentioned in a lot of rumors about the summer 2020 season and it would be interesting to see how she could do against a younger generation of houseguests. She finished second on BB8 and then eighth on BB13.

Below is the image of the one-sided text messaging:

ED On Dani
Evel Dick posting about his daughter. Pic credit: @EvelDick/Twitter

It won’t be much longer until we all find out which of the preseason BB All-Stars 2 cast lists were correct and what the ultimate theme for summer 2020 is going to entail.

CBS did recently announce that move-in day would be live on television, and executive producer Allison Grodner shared some of the changes that will take place.

Big Brother All-Stars debuts August 5 at 9/8c on CBS.

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