Big Brother All-Stars nominations: One houseguest fears the block

BB22 Week 1
Cody Calafiore holds the Week 1 power on BB22. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother All-Stars nominations are coming up soon, where at least two people will wind up on the block. It’s not an envious place to be this early in the season, with the entire BB22 cast looking for any reason to vote against someone.

During the season premiere, Cody Calafiore won the first Head of Household Competition, giving him the power to name the targets at the first Nomination Ceremony. This could either make or break his game at put some targets on him early in Week 1.

Overnight, the Big Brother live feeds got turned on, showing the returning houseguests as they began chatting about everything under the sun. Most of them didn’t go to bed until at or after 3 a.m. because they didn’t want to be the first ones to duck out for the night.

It’s possible that several alliances solidified during that time, including a team-up of Nicole Franzel and Daniele Donato.

But let’s get back to the houseguest worried about being a Week 1 nominee for eviction.

Big Brother All-Star nominations

Janelle Pierzina is very worried that she is going to hear her name called out when Cody reveals his nominations for eviction. She was speaking to Bayliegh Dayton about it briefly, noting that she doesn’t know Cody very well.

Janelle and Cody come from two different generations of players in this game, with the competition queen getting her start as a member of the BB6 cast and Cody not coming along until he worked with Derrick Levasseur on BB16.

It may be nerves that have Janelle a bit worried, but she could certainly wind up getting targeted simply due to her history in the game. She is the only person competing for the fourth time and anyone who has watched videos of her appearances knows that she is good at the social and competitive sides of the game.

Week 1 Nomination Ceremony

If production sticks to a familiar schedule from past seasons, then the Week 1 Nomination Ceremony would come on Friday (August 7). That would then leave Saturday for the Power of Veto Competition.

With all of the changes that were needed in order to even get this season off the ground, viewers should not be surprised if things get shaken up a bit before falling into a routine this summer.

What we do know is that the Big Brother 22 house is going to experience a twist very soon — Julie Chen hinted at it during the season premiere — and that could impact what decision that Cody Calafiore makes at the first Nomination Ceremony.

Big Brother All-Stars returns on August 9 at 10/9c on CBS.

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