Big Brother All-Stars: Bayleigh Dayton makes Nicole Franzel cry

Bayleigh Dayton Playing BB22
Bayleigh Dayton made a joke that had Nicole Franzel in tears on BB22. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother All-Stars has become a bit tense between Bayleigh Dayton and Nicole Franzel due to an overnight conversation that took place on the feeds.

Bayleigh was talking about how her relationship with Swaggy C messed up her game on Big Brother 20.

Da’Vonne Rogers referenced Nicole winning and Bayleigh said, “It took her a few times, and a few boys.”

What Bayleigh is referring to are the numerous relationships that Nicole has had on the show and with former houseguests outside of the game.

Nicole is even about to get married to BB18 cast member Victor Arroyo.

Is Nicole Franzel using crying as a weapon in the game?

The conversation was lighthearted and full of jokes, but that’s not how Nicole portrayed it a bit later.

First, take a look at a video of the full conversation:

Now, take a look at Nicole referencing that her showmances and how she was remembered played a part in why she won and eventually ended up on Big Brother All-Stars.

And how about Nicole telling the story and being comforted by Daniele Donato? She didn’t even get the quote correct when she repeated it. That’s typically how Nicole portrays conversations later in an effort to get people on her side.

Bayleigh and Nicole drama to continue?

Da’Vonne already spoke with Bayleigh about squashing the issue with Nicole. Da’Vonne also told her that she had nothing to apologize for, but she is probably right in her assessment of the situation.

We had pondered who Nicole would turn her emotional attacks on after Janelle Pierzina and this might have put Bayleigh right in the line of fire.

Big Brother spoilers from live feeds

According to the latest Big Brother spoilers, Tyler Crispen has already nominated Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha for eviction this week. It means that Janelle is likely heading out the front door unless she wins the Power of Veto.

Today, Keesha Smith went after Holly Allen on Twitter, showing that Keesha is already home and not coming back to the game this summer. The lack of a Battle Back may also have been confirmed by Nicole Anthony apologizing to Janelle on Twitter.

Bayleigh doesn’t want to be the next woman that Nicole F. targets in the game, because that’s how she plays the game. She helps the men pick off the women and fans have shared a lot of theories about why that happens.

Stay tuned, because this situation between Bayleigh and Nicole doesn’t seem like one that is just going to blow over, especially if Bayleigh decides that Nicole is just doing it for attention.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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