Big Brother 25 spoilers: Veto results from Bowie Jane’s third HOH

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Expect the unexpected from Julie Chen Moonves and Big Brother 26. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother 25 spoilers reveal who won the Week 14 Power of Veto.

This was the most important Veto Competition and the final one of the season.

Bowie Jane became the Head of Household for a third time in the latest episode.

She then had to (almost immediately) nominate two people for eviction.

To get to the nominees, Bowie Jane and Jag Bains tricked Matt Klotz.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Matt and Felicia Cannon hit the block.

Preparing for the Week 14 Veto Competition

Many chats happened before the Veto Competition.

Jag agreed to go on the block if Bowie Jane won the Power of Veto. The plan was for Matt to be saved after volunteering to be nominated.

Matt liked that plan because it gave him some safety, but it’s unclear whether or not Jag and Bowie Jane planned to follow through.

Felicia did lots of self-promotion to get herself ready for the Veto Competition. That included talking to the cameras and herself.

The final four houseguests got woken up early on Friday (November 3), giving them plenty of time to play the latest Veto Competition.

This week of gameplay is sped up because of the eviction on Sunday night (November 5).

Who won the final four Veto Competition on Big Brother 25?

Jag Bains won the Power of Veto. Again. No, this isn’t a misprint. No, nothing was mistyped. Jag Bains won the final four Power of Veto.

This continues a run of success in the Big Brother 25 challenges for Jag, and it also puts him in a tough spot. Could he use the POV to save Matt and show his loyalty? Or will he make the best game decision and stay off the block?

If Jag pockets the veto, he becomes the only person voting at the upcoming Eviction Ceremony. Will Jag cut ties with Matt to have someone he can more easily beat in the final Head of Household Competition (Felicia)? Stay tuned!

More from Big Brother

Many social media users are pushing for Cirie Fields to be America’s Favorite Houseguest. Voting is open, and fans can help award the $50,000 prize.

And some Big Brother alums reacted negatively to Bowie Jane winning HOH again. It led to many social media posts from former players, many of whom are now hoping Cirie can win AFH.

Very few episodes remain before the Big Brother 25 winner is crowned.

Here is the breakdown of the final BB25 TV episodes.

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8 months ago

if jag does not save matt i lose all respect for him because if it was not for matt jag would of been gone.

8 months ago

Matt is my favorite houseguest