Big Brother 25 spoilers: Eviction target, Veto Meeting plans

Cirie BB25
Cirie Fields had been running the Big Brother 2023 house. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother 25 spoilers reveal who has been targeted for eviction this week.

Jared Fields became the latest Head of Household by winning a trivia competition.

Jared then set his sights on breaking up the duo of Cameron Hardin and Red Utley.

The primary target for eviction was Cameron, and he knew it after his week as HOH.

Cameron had his power stripped when Matt Klotz used the BB Power of Invincibility to save Jag Bains from being evicted.

Even though Jared was HOH, he still had his mom (Cirie Fields) coaching him on what to do.

The Veto results change the eviction target

Cameron won the Power of Veto and will save himself from the block at the upcoming Veto Meeting.

This will force Cameron to name a replacement nominee to sit next to Red.

Many ideas were presented to Jared by his alliances and Cameron.

Bowie Jane was mentioned as a pawn, America Lopez was mulled over as an option to punish her, and Matt Klotz volunteered to be a pawn next to Cameron.

After Cameron won the Power of Veto, Jared tried to find a volunteer to be the pawn, but nobody was interested in going on the block.

Rather than simply targeting Red, the house started looking at other options.

Plans for the Week 5 Veto Meeting

The plan is now for Jag to become the replacement nominee. Jag and Red would become the players on the block for the September 7 Eviction Ceremony.

The news gets worse for Jag, as he has also become the new target for eviction. Several houseguests have called him a “snake” due to the secrets he has revealed in the house.

Whether or not the moniker is accurate, Jag has become the short-term target. The majority plan is then to go after Cameron again during Week 6.

More plans from Big Brother houseguests

America Lopez told Cory Wurtenberger her HOH plans if she can get the power next week.

She figured out some key details about what has happened in the game and knows that Cirie Fields is a threat to win.

But Cory ratted out America to Jared, giving him additional ammunition he could use against her.

It led to a situation where Jared called America the R-word in the Big Brother house, angering many fans.

Plans could shift, but Jared is ready to name Jag as his replacement nominee during the September 4 Veto Meeting.

Big Brother 25 airs on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

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