Big Brother 25 spoilers: Double Eviction results, final five set

America on BB25
America Lopez was part of the Big Brother 2023 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Double Eviction hit the Big Brother 25 house.

But this time was different.

After the first Double Eviction, nobody went home. Jared Fields and Cameron Hardin became zombies.

This time, two people were evicted for good.

With 14 days left in the season, seven people were still in the running for the $750,000 prize.

Host Julie Chen Moonves welcomed the fans to a new episode, which would be unpredictable since Jag Bains couldn’t play for Head of Household.

And then the houseguests were told it was Double Eviction night, even though many of them had anticipated it.

Who got sent home first on Big Brother Double Eviction?

Jag won the Power of Veto and left Blue Kim and America Lopez on the block.

They got to the first eviction very quickly in the new episode.

Matt Klotz voted to evict Blue, Bowie Jane voted to evict Blue, Cirie Fields voted to evict Blue, and Felicia Cannon voted to evict Blue.

By a vote of 4-0, Blue Kim was evicted from the Big Brother house. She became the third BB25 jury member (joining Cory Wurtenberger and Cameron Hardin).

A week of Big Brother in an hour

The HOH Competition was trivia-based. Cirie, Matt, and Bowie Jane were tied with one question left. Matt and Bowie Jane got it correct, leading to a tiebreaker.

Bowie Jane became HOH for a second time.

Bowie Jane nominated America and Felicia.

Matt won the Power of Veto. The challenge involved retrieving balls from one side of the backyard and dropping them in a cylinder on the other side.

Matt did not use the Power of Veto.

America and Felicia remained on the block for the second live vote and eviction.

Who got sent home at the second Eviction Ceremony from Double Eviction?

The second Eviction Ceremony had Felicia Cannon and America Lopez on the block.

Cirie voted to evict America, Jag voted to evict America, and Matt voted to evict America.

By a vote of 3-0, America became the fourth BB25 jury member.

The final five houseguests are Jag Bains, Matt Klotz, Felicia Cannon, Cirie Fields, and Bowie Jane.

Now it comes down to crunch time for the remaining players.

CBS has announced a special eviction episode coming up.

Blue and America will also have additional exit interviews released in the days following their evictions.

America already hinted at being a bitter BB25 jury member. Will she still be one? Or will she vote for the best player from this season?

Here is the TV schedule for the final weeks of BB25.

Big Brother 25 airs Sunday at 10/9, Tuesday at 8/7c, and Thursday at 9/8c on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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