Big Brother 25: Punishments and rewards hit the house

Izzy Playing BB25
Izzy Gleicher is playing on the Big Brother 25 cast. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 25 cast played an extensive Endurance Challenge to begin Week 4.

Producers brought back the Pressure Cooker, and it decided who would be the new Head of Household.

Here is a full recap of the HOH Competition, but the result was Cameron Hardin taking over.

Cameron is safe for the week and gets to nominate two people for eviction.

Cameron may have his week stolen because America’s Vote has returned with a secret power.

But he won’t know that until later. What he knows already is what else happened during the HOH Competition.

Punishments and rewards given to the Big Brother 25 cast

Each time someone got eliminated from the Endurance Challenge, they had to select a red card.

The card dictated either a punishment or a reward for them, adding a slight twist to the challenge results.

Below is a breakdown of what happened to each person who played in the Pressure Cooker.

  • Jared Fields – Unleashed a punishment of snakes on the HOH players. It was simply a box of snakes used as a visual in the center of the room.
  • Cirie Fields – She received beer as a reward.
  • Izzy Gleicher – Another group punishment was unveiled, giving the room loud metal music and strobing lights.
  • Bowie Jane – To add some humor, Bowie Jane won a pressure cooker.
  • Red Utley – The fifth person out won an entertainment center.
  • Matt Klotz – This punishment was to unleash flies on the challenge. But they had been playing so long that the container of flies was close to death due to the cold room.
  • Cory Wurtenberger – He got named a Big Brother Have-Not again. Cory also got to pick two more Have-Nots.
  • Blue Kim – The cash prize surfaced as Blue got to take home $1,000.
  • Jag Bains – His punishment unleashed a perfume spray (smelled like sewage) on the remaining players. It got the flies moving.
  • Mecole Hayes – Meme won a dinner party for herself and three other houseguests.

More from Big Brother 25

Cameron will host a Nomination Ceremony on August 25.

And then a new Veto Competition will take place.

This is a critical week where the results could get upended by America’s Vote.

The BB25 cast is also getting closer to the jury stage.

Nine people will make up the BB25 jury, so the final 11 will be around for a while.

Currently, 13 people are still competing for the $750,000 prize.

Jared is close to telling Blue his big secret, which won’t sit well with his mom (Cirie).

An updated ranking of the BB25 houseguests revealed Matt Klotz as the most popular player.

Will that give Matt an advantage in America’s Vote? Stay tuned!

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