Big Brother 25: How about some Power of Veto changes?

Enzo Big Brother 22
Enzo Palumbo from Big Brother 12 and Big Brother 22. Pic credit: Michael Hartz/CBS

Big Brother 25 arrives this summer on CBS with a new cast competing for the $750,000 prize.

Recently, a new way to apply to be on the BB25 cast was revealed, which seems to heavily indicate that this will be a season with brand-new houseguests.

There have also been some rumors about possible BB25 twists that producers have floated, potentially giving fans something exciting to look forward to this season.

But maybe it’s time to take a look at how the Power of Veto works each season. There are changes that could make the Veto Competition much more interesting.

Over the years, the Veto Competition has become a familiar part of the show, with six people taking part in a challenge that impacts how the final nominations will look for the week.

Shifting how the Power of Veto works, though, would allow the producers to stop throwing in twists that are designed to shake things up. Instead, the houseguests could shake things up themselves.

Let everyone play in the Veto Competition on Big Brother

One idea to improve the Veto Competition is to allow everyone to play in it. Rather than just the nominees and the randomly selected players, allow everyone still in the house a chance to win the Power of Veto.

Getting eliminated by being “backdoored” is the worst way to have your time in the Big Brother house come to an end, especially since it means that person never even got the chance to save themselves.

An outgoing Head of Household can currently be eliminated from the game during a week where they don’t get to participate in any of the challenges. Maybe it’s time to change that.

Let the Power of Veto winner decide the replacement nominee

Another exciting way to shake things up would be for the Power of Veto winner to gain some added power.

Currently, if the Power of Veto is used, the HOH gets to decide on the replacement nominee. This keeps the power in the hands of the HOH, which has been manipulated a lot over the years.

It could re-shape a week in the game if the POV winner got to decide who went up on the block as a replacement. What if a nominee won the POV and then put an ally of the HOH on the block? That could lead to a lot of fun drama.

A possible downside to giving the Power of Veto winner more power is that it might help larger alliances stay intact longer. Maybe that could be addressed by allowing the HOH to grant safety to someone.

Or maybe the producers could bring back the Safety Suite, where houseguests gain safety that can be used at their own discretion later in the season.

The new season of Big Brother should begin around the end of June or the beginning of July. Julie Chen Moonves is back as the host, and a $750,000 prize is on the line.

Recently, BB24 winner Taylor Hale said she won’t do Survivor, also breaking down some reasons why she isn’t interested in doing a show like Big Brother again.

Big Brother 25 airs in the summer of 2023 on CBS.

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Doris Pate
Doris Pate
1 year ago

I like a lot of the ideas for POV… I honestly believe you need to stop the groups of alliances till like way down the line… No first or second meet to start aligning… Just a thought… Or let the audience pick THE REPLACEMENT>.. Let the audience have more participation