Big Brother 25 final two: Live feeds reveal a new duo on BB25

Felicia BB25 Nom
Felicia Cannon became the Week 3 HOH on Big Brother 25. Pic credit: CBS

A new Big Brother 25 final two has been formed.

The live feeds revealed a new partnership Wednesday afternoon as Felicia Cannon sat down for a chat in her HOH Room.

Felicia became the Week 3 Head of Household and immediately targeted Hisam Goueli for eviction.

At her Nomination Ceremony, she put Hisam and Cameron Hardin on the block, sticking to what her larger alliances wanted.

But Felicia has been closely watching other alliances — including those between Cirie Fields, Jared Fields, and Izzy Gleicher.

Felicia seemed to enjoy working with Cirie and Jared, but she just gave herself an extra layer of insulation.

A final two for Felicia Cannon

Felicia and Bowie Jane have agreed to take each other to the end of the season.

The duo is linked through several other alliances, but now they have a final two together.

By also being a part of the Bye Bye B*tches, they can work together without drawing much suspicion.

When the ladies sat down to cement their final two agreements, it was a bit awkward as Bowie didn’t seem to understand the process.

It’s a safe bet that their conversation will be part of an upcoming episode, especially since Felicia is the outgoing HOH.

More on Bowie Jane from Big Brother 25

DJ and lawyer Bowie Jane has flown under the radar for much of the season. She has avoided the early drama, preferring to be close to people on both sides of the house.

And by being involved with larger alliances, Bowie has kept herself from becoming a target. Some Big Brother fans may consider Bowie a floater in the game, but she has remained on one side through the early weeks.

Jared Fields and his Big Brother secret

Jared is making moves that could be bad for him and his mom.

Cirie is doing her best to keep Jared on a successful path, but he is keen on continuing his showmance with Blue Kim.

Jared also hinted to Blue about a Big Brother secret he is keeping. It’s something that she could be close to figuring out.

It has also been revealed that Jared is friends with a Big Brother alum. He got advice from that alum before playing on Big Brother 25.

Jared might need to start winning challenges to make his mark in the game. And a good chance is coming up with the return of the Big Brother Pressure Cooker.

Big Brother 25 airs on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

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