Big Brother 25 cast gets a secret message from production

Jared Playing On BB25
Jared Fields is pushing hard to become the Big Brother 2023 winner. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother live feeds went down on Wednesday night as the houseguests received a message.

This new message came from the Scaryverse and may hint about what’s coming up.

As Big Brother fans know, the September 21 episode is a Double Eviction.

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Two people are evicted during a regular Double Eviction, but host Julie Chen Moonves hinted heavily at a twist.

Is it possible the people who get evicted could compete to get back in the game?

Or maybe it could involve a new America’s Vote to decide who gets a second chance?

A message from the Scaryverse

The houseguests talked about the message they received, with much conjecture about what it could mean.

Letters were missing from the transmission, forcing the houseguests to guess what it meant.

Matt Klotz was seen talking about the letters that may have been on the message.

Below is a tweet from someone who took the time to write it all out. But some of the letters may be incorrect.

BB25 Clue
A Big Brother clue from production. Pic credit: @RBBQ/Twitter

So, what does it all mean?

Below is a video of several houseguests discussing the clue. Some ideas they put up were a Split House, a Battle Back, and a Double Eviction.

The video below has Jag Bains and Cory Wurtenberger discussing the clue more. They think the message said something about BB zombies and used the word resurrected. But could that word be released, reversed, or rescued?

They came away thinking that the word eviction was part of the clue.

Answers to the clue will come during the September 21 episode (or right before it). It may be as simple as a warning that a Double Eviction and a Battle Back Competition is coming. Fans may have to tune in to find out for sure.

More from Big Brother

Many houseguests have revealed eviction targets for next week, with those spoilers coming from the live feeds.

That timetable likely gets moved up, as they didn’t account for a possible Double Eviction.

And the Felicia vs. Cirie war happening in the house will lead to something happening.

News from outside the house reveals several Big Brother alums are playing on The Traitors 2. A new season is coming to Peacock this winter.

There are no more Wednesday night episodes of Big Brother 25 due to a Fall 2023 schedule shift.

Here is the updated BB25 TV schedule at CBS.

Big Brother 25 airs on CBS.

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2 months ago

Best season in a long while! The Cirie/Jared twist could be an advantage or a huge disadvantage when everyone finds out! I’m NOT a fan of either one of them and have my fingers crossed for Camron to stay!! He is the best player by far!