Big Brother 24 trending for terms ‘StopProtectingKyle’ and ‘KKKyle’

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Kyle Capener is causing Big Brother 24 to trend again. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother 24 is trending for some negative reasons again, as the pushback from many fans has intensified regarding how Kyle Capener is being presented on the show.

After Kyle made some comments on the live feeds, the term “KKKyle” began trending on Twitter, with many people upset that he was pushing a theory that The Cookout 2.0 had formed in the house.

Then, this weekend, “KKKyle” and “StopProtectingKyle” trended on Twitter, as Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes let the rest of the house know what Kyle had said to them.

The terms are still getting mentioned by social media users on Monday morning, so much so that TMZ posted about it, showing that the BB24 cast is now under a microscope as they head toward another Eviction Ceremony.

None of the conversation that Kyle had with Michael, where Kyle suggested that they have an alliance of their own to compete with The Cookout 2.0, has made it to episodes, leading some fans of the show to feel that CBS is protecting Kyle.

With what has taken place in the past 48 hours, though, where Michael and Brittany revealed to the rest of the house what Kyle had said, it’s possible that the conversations could show up during a future episode.

Backlash to Kyle Capener comments

Quite a few Big Brother fans are voicing their frustrations on social media as the week starts. Even on Sunday, it became obvious that a lot of people were upset that the episodes weren’t showing everything.

TMZ weighs in on what has been taking place

The phrase “conveniently left out” was used by TMZ to describe the Big Brother producers leaving Kyle’s comments out of recent episodes.

There is a big chance that it could surface during the August 31 episode, as it holds a lot of importance now.

Social media posts from Big Brother fans

Below are just a few of the recent posts that have gone up on social media regarding Kyle Capener.

A viewer used the #StopProtectingKyle hashtag in their tweet about wall yellers.

Regarding the wall-yellers, here are some spoilers from when that happened. It led to the Big Brother live feeds getting shut down for a while.

Kyle’s comments in the house have also led to social media users going back to find stuff that Kyle has said and done in the past on Twitter and/or Instagram – like the post below.

Stay tuned, because things could get really spicy on the feeds.

And for Big Brother fans who want to jump ahead, here are spoilers about the intense Veto Meeting that just happened.

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