Big Brother 24 spoilers: Who is playing for the Power of Veto today?

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Drama is coming to the Big Brother 2022 house. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 24 spoilers from the live feeds now reveal who is playing in the first Veto Competition of the summer. For several people, this is an extremely important Power of Veto to win.

Daniel Durston is the first Head of Household this summer, and he decided to nominate Michael Bruner and Terrance Higgins for eviction. It was an expected choice, as Daniel was worried about targeting the people he feels are strong players.

Michael was pretty frustrated about getting selected and has been talking himself up about winning the Power of Veto and then going after Daniel. That could create some intriguing drama in the house if Michael did win the POV and then the next HOH Competition.

But Michael has to beat five other people who are also playing in the Week 1 Veto Competition.

Big Brother 24 spoilers: Who is playing in the Veto Competition?

Early on Saturday (July 9), the players were picked for the Veto Competition. Daniel (HOH), Michael (nominee), and Terrance (nominee) were the first three people, but the chips had to be drawn to see who else would be playing for the Power of Veto.

According to what has been revealed on the Big Brother live feeds, Ameerah Jones, Indy Santos, and Matt Turner are the additional players. Kyle Capener will serve as the Veto Competition host, and they will play out the challenge a bit later on Saturday.

Early Big Brother 24 alliances and news

A few larger alliances have already formed within the BB24 cast, showing that people are trying to situate themselves to survive longer than just the Week 1 Eviction Ceremony. And Daniel has a three-person alliance going with Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli and Matt Turner. This means if Turner wins the POV, he is very unlikely to change the nominations.

There is also an eviction night twist coming for the BB24 cast, which could lead to someone who is not even on the block going home. That would be a pretty big deal, and it is certainly going to have something to do with the ongoing America’s Vote.

The Big Brother summer schedule is set, with a lot of upcoming episodes that could be a lot of fun to watch. That includes the first eviction night of the season, where someone is about to get voted out of the Big Brother house.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS during the Summer of 2022.

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