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Big Brother 24 spoilers: Veto results, Veto Meeting plan

Matt Turner On BB24
Matt Turner has likely made it to the final six on Big Brother 24. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 24 spoilers now set the stage for the first eviction that will take place during the September 8 episode.

As a reminder, the BB24 cast is heading straight toward a Double Eviction night on the episode schedule.

After Kyle Capener got evicted on a 5-0 vote last Thursday (September 1), Michael Bruner won another Head of Household Competition.

This is the third time Michael has been HOH this summer, adding to his resume as he tries to survive all the way to the final two.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Michael put Terrance Higgins and Alyssa Snider on the block, making his expected choices.

On the Big Brother live feeds, Terrance was shown being very upset and saying he would taint the jury when he gets sent there.

BB Comics veto results for BB24 cast

Matt Turner watched as the other six houseguests participated in the BB Comics Veto Competition. And he also watched as Michael won the Power of Veto again.

This is the sixth time Michael has won the POV this summer, breaking the record of five that had been in place for quite some time. If possible, he put an even bigger target on his back for the upcoming Double Eviction night.

Veto Meeting plans

The additional Big Brother 24 spoilers come from Michael’s chats on the live feeds. He does not intend to use the Power of Veto, as it would force him to name a replacement nominee. Michael doesn’t want to create another enemy at this point in the game.

Now, we know that the house will be voting to evict either Terrance or Alyssa at the first Eviction Ceremony on September 8. The people who are voting will be Brittany Hoopes, Taylor Hale, Monte Taylor, and Matt Turner.

If the house gives Michael what he wants, he would prefer that Terrance is the next person to head to the BB24 jury house. This would mean Terrance finishes in seventh place on the season and gets to talk to the jury like he has been planning.

On the live feeds, one houseguest also said they won’t vote for Michael to win the show, no matter who might be sitting next to him as part of the final two. It appears there might just be some bitter jurors if Michael continues to dominate this season and makes it all the way to the end. That could lead to some fireworks on finale night.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS during Summer 2022.