Big Brother 24 houseguest says they refuse to vote for Michael

Michael House Meeting BB24
Michael Bruner has made some enemies on Big Brother 24. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother live feeds have been pretty chaotic over the past few days, especially after Kyle Capener was unanimously evicted.

Since then, Kyle Capener has been giving interviews and answering a lot of questions about how he played the game.

Meanwhile, Terrance Higgins and Monte Taylor have begun acting very bitter on the feeds, right after making their choice to send Kyle packing.

In a chat that took place right after the latest Head of Household Competition, Terrance told Monte that he would not vote for Michael on finale night. Terrance went on to state that he would vote for anyone else in the final two if they are up against Michael.

Below are going to be some spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds, in regard to who the new HOH is, and why some things have begun taking place.

Michael won the puzzle HOH Competition, securing the power for his third time this summer. It gives him the chance to shape how the final six will look within the BB24 cast.

Terrance upset with Michael (again)

Right after Michael became the HOH again, Monte and Terrance had a long chat, where they talked about Michael and insinuated that they would both be working against him.

Terrance went on to say that he doesn’t care how many challenges that Michael wins in the house and that he won’t be voting for him on finale night if he is a member of the BB24 jury.

More Big Brother 24 spoilers

At his latest Nomination Ceremony, Michael put Terrance and Alyssa Snider on the block. It was the expected outcome, and something that everyone left in the Big Brother house could have predicted.

After he got nominated, Terrance was very mad on the live feeds. He had an outburst, talked down to Michael and acted like he should have been protected from being nominated.

Terrance has been working hard to try to get Michael out of the house, but now Terrance is acting like Michael should have protected him from the block.

Maybe Terrance is just lashing out about losing another challenge to Michael, but his actions aren’t really matching up with the words that he is using in the house.

Looking forward, would Terrance Higgins really vote for Brittany Hoopes to win this season over Michael Bruner?

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS during Summer 2022.

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1 year ago

There always a sore loser bitter jury. Terrance wanted to keep racist Kyle over a black woman he also worships the worst player ever Daniel.

1 year ago

Michael has been playing a great game. If they are spoiled sportsman then they should be trying to win more. Terrance floated through for a while then won one HOH and one Veto, Alyssa hasn’t won anything but Michael has been playing a good Big Brother game . It’s all in how you play . Good luck Michael!