Big Brother 24 spoilers: Results from Part 2 of final HOH Competition

Julie Chen Moonves Back For BB25
Julie Chen Moonves returned to host Big Brother 25 in Summer 2023. Pic credit: Julie Holland/CBS

Big Brother 24 spoilers indicate that Part 2 of the final Head of Household Competition was played today.

This is a big deal because it sets the stage for who is going to be competing in Part 3 during the season finale.

As previously reported by Monsters & Critics, Matt Turner won Part 1 of the final HOH Competition.

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The endurance challenge that Turner won took place late on Thursday evening, hours after Brittany Hoopes was evicted.

Some small details about the challenge were revealed in conversations seen on the Big Brother live feeds, with spinning and ropes being a part of it.

Due to Turner being victorious in Part 1, that left Taylor Hale and Monte Taylor to battle it out in Part 2 on Friday.

Who won Part 2 of the final HOH Competition on Big Brother 24?

Early on Friday (September 23) it seems that Monte and Taylor took part in Part 2 of the final HOH Competition. A lot was on the line for both of them, including a battle with Turner in Part 3.

The feeds went down and when they came back, Monte was acting like he had won the challenge. Meanwhile, Taylor became quite sullen and the houseguests said they had nothing left to do until finale night.

It appears that Monte won Part 2 of the final HOH Competition, even though he hasn’t outright stated it on the Big Brother live feeds just yet.

What happens next on Big Brother 24?

There is going to be a lot of downtime on the Big Brother live feeds over the next 48 hours, as there isn’t much left to debate.

Turner and Monte will participate in Part 3 of the final HOH Competition on finale night, with the winner of that challenge becoming the final Head of Household for Big Brother 24.

The final HOH gets to decide who they want to take with them to the final two, so there is a tough decision ahead for either Monte or Turner.

If the final two does end up being Monte and Turner, it will be very interesting to see how the BB24 jury decides upon a winner. The pair has very similar resumes up until this point.

As a reminder, there are two episodes left for the Big Brother 2022 season. Here is the schedule for the final nights of BB24 on CBS.

Also, don’t forget that there is still time to vote for America’s Favorite Houseguest. It has a bonus prize attached to it for the person that fans pick to win this time.

Big Brother 24 concludes Sunday, September 25 at 8/7c on CBS.

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