Big Brother 24 spoilers: BB Comics Veto Competition results

Terrance Sitting BB24
Terrance Higgins is hoping to make it to the end of Big Brother 24. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 24 spoilers from the Week 9 Veto Competition were just made available through the live feeds.

With the Power of Veto on the line today, the remaining members of the BB24 cast took part in the annual BB Comics challenge.

Matt Turner had to sit this one out as the other six houseguests took part in the game. That was the result of Terrance Higgins picking Taylor Hale to play instead of Turner.

Backtracking a bit, Michael Bruner is the Week 9 Head of Household after he won that puzzle challenge on Thursday night (September 1).

At his Nomination Ceremony, Michael decided to put Terrance and Alyssa Snider on the block. Some Big Brother fans might see those as the obvious and predictable nominations, but Terrance did not.

On the live feeds, Terrance could be seen using veiled threats against Michael about what he will do if he gets sent to the BB24 jury house this week.

Who won the Big Brother 24 Veto Competition in Week 9?

Michael Bruner, Terrance Higgins, Taylor Hale, Brittany Hoopes, Monte Taylor, and Alyssa Snider all got to play in the BB Comics challenge on Saturday afternoon (September 3). It is taking place within the final seven because a Double Eviction is coming up.

The feeds were down for quite a length of time on Saturday, but when they came back on, it was revealed that Michael won the Power of Veto.

This is now the sixth time that Michael has won a Veto Competition during the Summer 2022 season of Big Brother, setting a brand new record for the history of the show. Nobody has won more POVs in a single season.

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On the live feeds, one houseguest said they will not vote for Michael if he makes it to the final two this season. It’s a bold statement from the person who claims that they will be voting for anyone sitting next to Michael on finale night if the situation arises.

Regarding Michael, he is at risk of getting sent to the jury during the upcoming Double Eviction since he cannot play in the important Head of Household Competition. He could be an easy target for several of the other houseguests during the big episode.

In reference to that upcoming Double Eviction, here is the updated BB24 episode schedule on CBS. There are a few noteworthy components to it, including some time changes for the East Coast and a special Friday night installment.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS during Summer 2022.

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1 year ago

Terrance’s real side is showing now. Says his parents are deacons in the church and yet is showing his petty personality. Keep driving the bus, Big Guy.