Big Brother 23: Who won the most competitions from BB23 cast?

Xavier And Derek F BB23
Xavier Prather and Derek Frazier each think that they should win Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23 has roughly two weeks to go before a winner is announced and awarded the $750,000 prize.

The BB23 jury will be tasked with deciding which person sitting in the final two most deserves to be named the winner of the summer 2021 season.

A lot of the time, the winner comes down to who has played the best game, and that often means the person who has won the most challenges in a given summer.

On Big Brother 22, Cody Calafiore dominated the season and when compared to the other person in the final two (Enzo Palumbo) it was easy for the BB22 cast to name him a winner.

Who has won the most competitions on Big Brother 23?

Below is a breakdown of how many of the different challenges/competitions that each member of the BB23 cast has won this summer. It begins by ranking the members of The Cookout (the final six) and then everyone else that was evicted before them.

These are the totals before the Double Eviction that airs on September 16 on the Big Brother 23 TV schedule.

  • Kyland Young – 3 HOHs, 2 POVs
  • Xavier Prather – 1 HOH, 2 POVs
  • Tiffany Mitchell – 2 HOHs, 1 Wildcard
  • Hannah Chaddha – 1 HOH, 1 POV
  • Derek Frazier – $7,500 in cash from POV
  • Azah Awasum – No wins
  • Christian Birkenberger – 1 HOH, 2 POVs, 1 Wildcard
  • Derek Xiao – 1 HOH, 2 POVs
  • Claire Rehfuss – 1 HOH, 1 Wildcard
  • Sarah Beth Steagall – 1 HOH, 1 Wilcard, $5,000 in cash from POV
  • Alyssa Lopez – 2 POVs
  • Brandon “Frenchie” French – 1 HOH
  • Britini D’Angelo – 1 POV
  • Whitney Williams – No wins
  • Brent Champagne – No wins
  • Travis Long – No wins

Who will be named the Big Brother 23 winner?

From the people who are left in the final six, the three best resumes belong to Kyland Young, Xavier Prather, and Tiffany Mitchell. Arguments could be made in favor of each person in that trio, with Xavier likely arguing that he could have more wins if he hadn’t thrown so many challenges.

If Kyland succeeds in getting Tiffany out of the house, his resume gets even stronger when it comes to campaigning to the BB23 jury. There are also still a lot of competitions left to play, so there is a chance that Hannah could go on a run like Kaycee Clark did late in the Big Brother 20 season. It helped Kaycee catch and then surpass Tyler Crispen with the BB20 jury.

Vegas also has updated odds on who will win Big Brother, showing that there are definitely a few clear favorites left in the game.

Big Brother 23 airs on CBS during Summer 2021

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