Big Brother 23 house photos start getting released — Check out the new look for BB23

Hannah Chaddha BB23
Hannah Chaddha is a part of the Big Brother 23 cast and will play the game during the summer of 2021. Pic credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

Some Big Brother 23 house photos have started revealing what the players will get to enjoy inside the game this summer. It’s also a first look at what the live feed subscribers are going to see when logging on to the feeds each night.

A bit later, CBS will release images of all of the rooms within the Big Brother house and we will pass those on. For now, a few sites have been given the opportunity to share some exclusive images a bit early.

Below, we have linked to some of the key sites that have acquired early access to those photos, so this will serve as a portal to readers who want to get an early look at what the Big Brother house is going to look like.

As a reminder, the Big Brother 23 season premiere arrives on Wednesday, July 7, and that’s when the Big Brother 23 cast is also going to begin playing the game.

The Big Brother 23 Living Room

Entertainment Weekly has shared the first images of the Living Room. This is one of the first rooms we will see on the premiere and it’s the place where all of the Eviction Ceremonies are held during the season.

The Big Brother Poker Parlor

Featured upstairs in the remodeled Big Brother house, the Poker Parlor is going to be a place where houseguests can relax and/or play a game of chess. It also seems like a good place to hide away for a secret conversation away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house.

“The bridge overlooking the house has been transformed into a casino-themed hangout, with red-and-black upholstered walls giving off a poker room vibe,” states the release from Entertainment Tonight.

The Big Brother 23 HOH Bedroom

The Head of Household Room got a big makeover for the upcoming season as well. Nicknamed the VIP Cabana, a lot of important conversations are going to be taking place in the HOH Room this summer.

“The bathroom is adorned with blue, white and orange coral wallpaper with a more serene feel while the bedroom, also referred to here as the ‘VIP cabana,’ has a more Vegas vibe with touches of the beach included, like the blue water effect surrounding the cabana bed,” states Sharon Tharp from Us Magazine.

It may take a while for CBS viewers to get used to the changes inside of the Big Brother house because it all looks so much different from the last season. At the same time, it’s good that they are making a shift to allow this season to stand on its own visually.

More news about Big Brother 23

Some dramatic news came out on the weekend before the season premiere. A member of the BB23 cast had to be removed from the show. They are back to 16 people ready to play the game, but it led to a lot of buzz and drama on social media as the information got leaked.

A lot of information was also revealed about how the first HOH Competition will work this summer and it’s going to be really intense.

This first tease about what the inside of the Big Brother house looks like will soon be followed by a full Big Brother house tour from Julie Chen Moonves. We will make sure to pass that along as soon as we see it.

Big Brother 23 debuts July 7 on CBS.

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