Big Brother 23 drama: Claire Rehfuss says she ‘misunderstood’ Whitney Williams’s comments about Sandy Hook

Whitney And Claire BB23 Cast
Whitney Williams and Claire Rehfuss were a part of the Big Brother Summer 2021 cast. Pic credit: CBS

While Big Brother 23 was airing, Claire Rehfuss claimed that Whitney Williams “doesn’t believe in Sandy Hook.”

Claire’s comments, seen on the Big Brother live feeds, insinuated that Whitney didn’t believe that the school shooting that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School was anything more than a conspiracy theory.

It was a huge controversy among Big Brother fans on social media during the week that the statement was made, but there was no footage of Whitney saying anything at all about Sandy Hook.

As soon as she got out of the Big Brother house, Whitney addressed the live feeds controversy, stating that “I never said that Sandy Hook wasn’t real.”

And now, we finally have a response from Claire, who has sought to clear up the situation with fans of the show.

Claire Rehfuss addresses Big Brother live feeds controversy

“I misunderstood Whitney during our conversation in the house. I talked with her 2 weeks ago to clear it up, and I apologized for the hate that she got after leaving,” Claire posted on Twitter in regard to what was seen on the feeds.

“I haven’t addressed this publicly because I didn’t want to bring more attention to such an awful conspiracy. I told Whitney when we talked that I didn’t want to post about it because of that. This is a complex issue and we’re both trying our best,” Claire later added as a response to her own message.

Claire BB23 Tweet About Whitney
Claire addressed the BB23 live feeds drama about Whitney. Pic credit: @ClaireRehfuss/Twitter

Whitney had written about Claire earlier in the day

Before Claire posted her messages on Twitter, Whitney had been addressing a lot of comments from Big Brother fans about the alleged conversation that had taken place within the house.

“I’m not blowing up on Claire for several reasons..,” Whitney said in one message.

She followed that up by writing, “The Sandy Hood ‘misunderstanding’ concerns she and I, it didn’t effect [sic] anyone else in the house, so I’m ok waiting a little longer for her to address it.”

Later, Whitney posted that “We have already spoken on the phone close to two weeks ago, and it was clear that what happened was more than a ‘misunderstanding’, but said that she would come on here to address is so I’m simply sitting back for a little while longer to see if this really happens.”

The series of posts may have been what led to Claire posting the messages that she put up on her own account. Either way, this issue may become a thing of the past now that Claire has apologized to Whitney herself, as well as to the fans of the show for the “misunderstanding” on the live feeds.

Whitney Tweets About Claire From BB23
Whitney from BB23 tweeted a lot about Claire to Big Brother fans on October 20. Pic credit: @Makeupbywhit/Twitter

Already, there are a lot of Big Brother fans asking Whitney about who the houseguest was that reached out to her about not quarreling publicly with other members of the BB23 cast.

Celebrity Big Brother airs on CBS during Winter 2022.

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1 year ago

seriously, who gives a rats arse about these white stooges. go away already!

1 year ago

ooooh the drama! how is it news that somebody didnt know about or got confused about some media buzzword for one of thousands of almost weekly american school shootings??? theres a murder every 30 minutes in the usa. the fbi estimates 400-500 active serial killers AT ANY GIVEN POINT IN TIME!!!! I mean wtaf.

1 year ago

Yeah because this is the absolute worst thing that happened on this season of BB! LOL… N-please.