Big Brother 22: Tyler Crispen active Twitter account excited for Memphis, sad for David

Tyler Crispen Is On BB22
Tyler Crispen is on Big Brother 22 and possibly also on Twitter. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 22 cast member Tyler Crispen has an active Twitter account giving off the perception that it is him using social media right now.

The situation has raised a lot of questions, with the primary one being whether or not Tyler has access to his Twitter account while he is inside the BB22 house.

In the first 10 days that the Big Brother 22 season has been going, Tyler has now had two new tweets pop up on his Twitter account.

On Friday, the Week 2 Have-Nots were selected from the BB22 cast. One of them is David Alexander, who was selected by Head of Household Memphis Garrett to be a Have-Not for the week.

In the latest tweet from Tyler’s account — whether it is from him, someone on the production team, a relative, or a social media manager — referenced Memphis making David a Have-Not.

Tyler Crispen on Twitter?

The post below was made on Friday, August 14 by the primary Twitter account for Big Brother 22 cast member Tyler Crispen. It is written in a way to convince people reading it that it was written by Tyler himself. But was it? That’s a bit unclear.

Tyler mentions that he is “stoked” about Memphis inviting him into an alliance — one of many alliances that Tyler is a part of on BB22 — and that he is “not so happy about Memphis making David a have not.”

Tyler Twitter Post On BB22
Is Tyler Crispen tweeting from inside the Big Brother house? Pic credit: @TylerCrispen2/Twitter

That wasn’t the first post that has been made to Tyler’s Twitter account since the season started. A previous one was also written in a fashion to convince its readers that he has access to his account from inside the game.

Tyler Tweet 2 On BB22
Could Tyler be on Twitter in Big Brother house? Pic credit: @TylerCrispen2/Twitter

The second tweet (shared above) could have been scheduled in advance by Tyler, as it is very generic and he knew that he would miss his girlfriend Angela Rummans while he was playing the game.

Do BB22 cast members have access to social media?

It’s possible that producers are letting members of the BB22 cast craft tweets that can then be posted to the social media accounts of people currently playing the game.

As long as the houseguests don’t get to actually read Twitter, then it wouldn’t be too questionable to let them randomly put out social media notes. It helps create buzz for the show and would allow them to keep in contact with family, friends, and fans.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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