Big Brother 2021 cast to be released today by CBS

Julie Chen Serious
It’s good to have Julie Chen Moonves back as the host of Big Brother. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 2021 cast gets revealed today. It’s going to be a big moment for the BB23 houseguests and viewers are going to see the bios and learn the names of the people playing the game this summer.

“We’ve heard the cries, we’ve seen the comments and we’ve decided to give you what you want,” CBS posted to Twitter with a GIF that features Julie Chen Moonves.   

“Head to @CBSBigBrother, TOMORROW for the Season 23 cast reveal,” the caption continued in the announcement. “You’re welcome.”

And, of course, Julie is seen saying “Welcome to Big Brother” in the short GIF attached to the social media post.

A brand new Big Brother cast

Fans will find out during the reveal is that the entire cast is going to include people new to the show. That’s a big deal, as a lot of viewers had been complaining about the producers bringing back the same people repeatedly.

Big Brother 22 has to be looked at through a different lens, though, because we were lucky to even get a season during the pandemic. Having it be all returners made it easier on the entire production, even if there were segments of the season that didn’t seem interesting or competitive to some viewers. So, at least we got a season last summer.

Lots of twists coming for the BB23 cast

Though the producers haven’t revealed the names of the BB23 cast just yet, they talked about a lot of the twists and themes that are going to play out this season.

One of the biggest announcements during the season premiere is that the BB23 cast is starting out the season in teams. They will decide the teams during the premiere, with the theme lasting a few weeks for the 16 new people.

On a busy premiere night that includes a live move-in with host Julie Chen Moonves, the biggest impact of the night might come in the closing moments. The producers announced that a huge twist/offer is going to take place right before the credits.

That will give people a lot to talk about as the weekend approaches.

The Big Brother 2021 season premiere is 90 minutes long, and it gets started at 8/7c on Wednesday, July 7. Big Brother 23, Episode 2 will then air on Sunday, July 11, skipping Thursday night for the only time this season. This will allow the show to get back on its familiar summer schedule.

Stop by Monsters & Critics on July 1 to learn the names of the BB23 cast members, as we will pass on the information after CBS and the show producers have revealed the bios.

It’s going to be a busy week leading up to the season premiere from there, and we expect many former houseguests to weigh in with their own thoughts on who might end up being the Big Brother 23 winner.

Update: And here it is… your full Big Brother 2021 cast list.

Big Brother 23 debuts July 7 at 8/7c on CBS.

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